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Hitman - Sapienza currently free to download!

Jimmy Shedders

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18 minutes ago, Captain LeChuck said:

I should've gone for Tomb Raider. I just finished Hokkaido. What? All the missions were easy, with only one or two truly tricky moments. I thought I was getting a bargain at the reduced price, was I fuck! Yes, there's a lot of replay value here, but there's a lot of replay value in Blood Money, and that has twice the missions. At full price, this is a royal rip-off. At the discounted price, I've probably paid what it's worth. Just. 


Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it - apart from Colorado, which was rubbish - but the over-arching plot didn't really go anywhere other than ...

  Reveal hidden contents

... lol, the fucking Illuminati. Ran out of ideas, did we, Io? :rolleyes:


I know there's a lot more I can do with these missions, but I have no urge to go back to this. It all seems much of a muchness. And where was Jesper Kyd? The music was mostly Mission Impossible rip-off crap. As a whole package, not impressed.  


edit: The Glacier engine is fantastic though. 


Hmm, I'm really not sure about this one. Might get the intro pack and hammer the one mission a few times to see how imterested I am in playing and replaying levels. 

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Despite thinking in advance that the episodic model was a terrible idea, and despite having lost interest a bit now and not even yet playing the final level, they did win me over and it certainly meant that the package provided much greater value, in a fairly natural manner. The only way of reproducing that in the full release would be to lock levels until a certain level of mastery is achieved on earlier ones, which probably wouldn't be popular.


Incidentally, any whispers about making the elusive targets available again in some form? Because I've typically gone weeks between sessions in this, I've missed out on most. Seems a bit unfair too that people buying the full release miss out on so much content.

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On 31/12/2016 at 13:54, Pob said:

Interesting that now the full season is out we might see people powering through it and claiming it a slight package. 


As as an episodic release, it seemed like anything but. 

Yeah. Killing the targets for the first time isn't that hard, but it serves more as an introduction to the level than anything else. It's the most fun to turn off the opportunities but take a glance at the challenges and figure out how to succeed in them. This format changes the design of the Hitman levels completely: they're now more than ever toyboxes instead of challenges you clear maybe once or twice. Getting them one at a time makes it more natural for a player to approach them that way.


I do hope they release some shorter levels in the next season, because I do think it constrains the level design a bit. Smaller stages are also quicker to replay, I still love the tutorial boat level.

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The Chameleon is your next Elusive Target to arrive in HITMAN. He will be in Colorado for 7 days and if you complete the contract, you'll earn the Tactical Gear with Hunter's Hat.

This Elusive Target is also the first opportunity to unlock the Winter Suit, which is awarded for completing 5 Elusive Targets with a Silent Assassin rating.

 At 14:00 CET / 05:00 PT on Friday 13th January, we’ll update the Elusive Target tile on the Featured Hub in-game and the contract will be live. Elusive Target #18 will be in Colorado for 7 days (168 hours) and there won’t be any second chances. Remember that an Elusive Target cannot be restarted once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed. 

Elusive Target 18 has two objectives AND special contract conditions apply:

Objectives: (1) Eliminate Richard M. Foreman & (2) Retrieve Documents.
Special Contract Conditions: Eliminate the target with a non-explosion accident.



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Are achievements in this a bit buggy?


Not the biggest deal in the world of course but I've done a few things over the last couple of days that should pop an achievement, but they haven't - Mr. Rieper and the bonus Sapienza mission trinity, and neither did.

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Just now, DJ KNIGHT XIII said:

Ready through the adventures you guys are having with the game , I thought I would pick up a copy but when I visit Simply Games it's lists it as being a preorder item, am I missing something  ?


Actual physical boxed version isn't out yet.

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34 minutes ago, DJ KNIGHT XIII said:

Cheers Steve. 


I just realised my response was pretty abrupt! But yes -- boxed copy comes out on January 31st, but there are special offers on the digital versions quite regularly these days. I got mine in the January sale, although I already had the intro pack from when it first came out.

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6 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

I looked everywhere in there, including using instinct and all I could find was a fire alarm. 


Will have another look. 

Must've imagined it. You can't get above that room can you? It's on the top floor. 


Pretty sure you can shoot the chain to drop it, BTW. 

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So I have the Intro pack and am looking at getting the upgrade pack now there are loads of missions to play but it seems cheaper to just buy the full first season. Am I missing something? Why is the upgrade pack more expensive than the full season? Surely the upgrade pack should be reduced in price with the full season coming out?



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I almost fucked up the elusive target so badly. Managed to get in without running into any cameras, take him out



poison syringes count as accident kills


only to run right out past a camera <_< Almost fucked the Silent Assassin rating, but I decided to go back in  and delete the evidence by hiding behind a crate and shooting it only for a guy in the other room to hear the bloody bullet bouncing off and instead of doing the sensible thing and jumping out of the window directly behind me, I panicked and decided to run right past him for the exit.


Damned near got caught too, but I made it out ok and got my SA woo

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