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Goddammit I was busy making a nice header and thinking up a catchy thread title and looking for different sources and now I'm too late :(

They're still busy making expansions for Bloodborne, aren't they? Maybe VG247 got info about the expansions and actual DaS3 mixed up. It is VG247 after all, the foremost leading authority on 'publish now, fact-check sometime next month if we can even be arsed'. It feels like too soon after Bloodborne and DaS2: SotFS re-release, but on the other hand I'm always up for more Souls. The most important thing is that Miyazaki leads the team so that we get some good world/level design this time around, by which I mean of the same quality as DaS1 and Bloodborne.

PS4 exclusive? If true then security issues be damned*! I'm buying THREE copies!

*but I'm buying everything on disc so that I can continue to play offline once my account is inevitably banned by Sony because they voluntarily gave all my details to some random hacker who politely asked for them on the phone


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A PS4 exclusive would be a real kick in the teeth for Microsoft. Both Bloodborne and this. Personally I can't see them both being exclusive, timed or exclusive content would be my guess based on the incredibly limited information we have so far.

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If true...


I know right? Imagine, sat there in your pants in the dark at 04:30, wondering what the hell you're doing with your life as you've just sat through two hours of another disappointing Sony press conference. Andrew House pops back on stage and has a shit eating grin across his face. "Oh, and one last thing." BAM, Dark Souls 3 teaser. :omg: :omg: :omg:

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I'll be ecstatic for more Dark Souls, but I would be even more excited if Miyazaki brought his game design sensibilities to a new genre/gameplay style.

A 2D platformer? Maybe a little to close to castlevania?

A FPS? With completely different focus and sensibility to COD,

In fact maybe a First Person dungeon crawler style game, like the old games they made.

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If Miyazaki is at the helm, it has to be a long way off. Bloodborne just wrapped and they're working on the expansion for that.

I'll believe it when I see it. Perhaps Gerbik is right and they just mean the Bloodborne expansion will be announced at E3.

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Dark Souls 3 won't be exclusive and probably not even timed exclusive.

I also doubt Miyazaki is involved if it is coming so soon after Bloodborne. Personally, I think Miyazaki should keep away from any numbered sequels. His talents are put to much better use on original(ish) games and concepts.

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