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Lego Worlds. Early Access on Steam for PC


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as someone who never got into minecraft, this is great. I'm sure it isn't much different but as a lego collector, I love the ability to import real sets. I imported the one included and my daughter and I had great fun riding the car and lawnmower around that came with it.

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I adored Minecraft for a long time, but this looks like it's going to be quite different despite some obvious similarities. Building is completely different, and it looks like mining isn't going to be much of a thing despite caves being on the way. It's very bare bones right now, but charming and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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This deserves a lot more love. A new patch has come out with underground areas in and the mixel, burnard. I've also found a plane, which I hadn't before. Here's a vid I made with some footage.

I hadn't appreciated quite how "worldy" this game is. Basically, you can random a location to start building but the whole world is mapped by a co-ordinate system and you can either go to random locations or input a co-ordinate. You can also fly from island to island manually, which is the best part, just exploring randomly.

It is still very buggy to be honest but in a funny way.

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