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BBC's Watchdog - rllmuk vs Sony


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I don't know what confused me most, Pockets hair or Sony saying they have industry leading security!?!?!

I mean we all know Sony are about as secure as Choddo in charge of this place but we never knew Pockets had such glorious hair - he will be fighting off the hair product companies from here on in!

Good work that man, ohh and the randomer too!

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That was a really good piece by Watchdog. A bit sensationalist and no idea what they had injected in themselves when they came up with the Viking idea, but explained the problems well along with the fact that the issue is not isolated.

The next stage is to get the Sony email sent to Pockets online. Their head of CS has stated their response was unacceptable, so customers who find their PSN account hacked and Sony telling them to get stuffed should be making reference to it.

Also, gaming sites should be pressing Sony for details on when their review will be completed and what the outcome of it is.

Again, a really decent piece on Watchdog and well done to Pockets for presenting his problem so well. I'll refrain from commenting on the haircut.

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Don't get this place started on a license fee debate...

Also, just get one you tight wad.

This is the only bit of live telly I've watched since I decided I didn't need one! Sorry :(

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Meanwhile at Sony HQ.

"Let's review our policies."

/Johnny 5 style fast flicking of pages

"Yeah, it's alright."



"Let's review our policies"

A wadded piece of paper - previously a printed complaint about a refused PSN refund - rolls around the rim of an already overfull waste paper basket and barely falls in. JON slowly lifts his arm and FISTPUMPS.


"Yeah, it's alright"

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That short retro history lesson from Ann was shocking. Someone should kill me so I can turn in my grave.

What was wrong with it? I very fondly remember my Seygar Megadrive, glad it got a mention.

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