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BBC's Watchdog - rllmuk vs Sony


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I'm not really that keen on being splashed across these sites to be honest. I was reluctant to even go on Watchdog and would have preferred to remain anonymous but at least they're all using my comment about why I pursued it and how the whole thing was just funny after a while. I have a feeling the Watchdog thing may make me come across as all angry about £40 before switching to a story about a pensioner who got done for £10k on a roofing job or something.

Your pain and suffering is helping the entire community, Pockets.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one." - Han Solo, Lord Of The Rings 4.

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The episode of Watchdog on the 11th of June sounds good.

On Tonight's show:

We ask Sony Entertainment Europe why a number of previously featured Playstation fans who've recently been refunded due to fraud find their accounts permanently banned and unable to play the games they've purchased.

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Ditto. That's all I got when I put it on all the sites. Scammer, fraud or idiot. Though thankfully my real name wasn't out there.

Only here was I treated with any kind of respect. Thanks rllmuk!


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Gamespot article is up and linking here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/playstation-customer-service-and-refund-policy-und/1100-6427637/

Shit is starting to get real, yo

"Posting on NeoGAF, Lappin further detailed his dealings with PlayStation customer service, saying he spoke to multiple people and, ultimately, was unable to resolve the situation satisfactorily."

You had one job, Pockets...

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Another one who ignored me when I tweeted him, Along with Sterling and the Biscuit guy. I do understand why though, if I was them I would have ignored me too.

We welcomed you into our home and gave you a place to live.

You don't need those other's with their money and big names...we may, may, be able to give you a biscuit and cup of tea one day.

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