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Project Cars PS4 - let's sort out some casual racing


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Don't think I have you on PSN John0 (Aka Slim!) so will try and add later.

Wont be on tonight but was thinking we should set up some specific events over the course of the next few weeks to get our heads around the online side of things.

To me it makes sense to lift stuff that appears during career mode. So potentially some of the invitational events customised to be more suitable online e.g. Pagani Huarya at Monza, which was a delight to drive.

Similarly, the Caterhams are pretty cool around tracks like Donnington or Oulton Park, or the Clio's at Brand Hatch (one of the Community Events live at the moment - have a go, really easy to drive).

We could pencil specific events for certain nights so that people could familiarise themselves with the cars first (or just have a practice session running before quali and the race that people can drop in to). No setups required, just some fun with cars and tracks we feel comfortable with.

Eventually this could move up through the open wheel formula and we start doing Formula A?

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Mexos - for the tin tops, how about bonnet cam? You can also adjust the angle of the camera there (need to assign some buttons to do this in the edit config screen) so imagine you could find something a bit like a T-cam.

I was struggling with the in-car view at first but its definitely become easier now I'm used to it. Worth persisting with as well because its pretty visceral (love the sound of dirt pinging around underneath as you hit the kerbs or run a little wide).

I'll think about setting up a time and event then, maybe Saturday/Sunday night or something. Few beers and one main event to look forward to perhaps :)

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Sunday night sounds like a plan to me.

I'll get it to work, just haven't done so yet. I love the look of the Sierra's round brands hatch. I found them a bit difficult to drive but I really want to get some touring car action on the go.

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Mexos - I went to Thruxton for the first round of the championship where they introduced the Volvo Estate. Being a naïve young thing I decided they would definitely win by virtue of being different.

They started last and finished there as well!

Love Thruxton though - was luck enough to do a trackday there. Its mildly terrifying through the fast bits out the back.

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Me too a lot of the time, but it jumped straight in when Dimahoo sent an invite...

Thanks for the races guys. Sorry for the nerf at Spa. I'll sort my mic out for next time :-)

(I think I did pretty well at Hockenheim, considering I spent the first lap thinking we were at Nurburgring and trying to figure out why I didn't recognise anything!)

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Yeah they are. Amazing how different they feel. The Palmer was good in a weird way - the other two were mental.

I can host Sunday if you all want to get together. I'm thinking a bash in the Radicals SR8's (which hold the record for their class at Cadwell so should be drivable) at the UK circuits.

I've not even seen Cadwell (my second favourite english circuit) or Thruxton in pCARS yet.

Thinking about 8pm. 5 minutes practise, and Qauli if enough people (say over 5 or over).

I always set up Private lobbies so if anyone wants to join after i've sent out invites please just message me. I don't know if you can just join private lobbies whilst we're practising. Doesn't matter what time. More the merrier :).

Then we'll do something like 5 laps over....



Oulten Park

Brands Hatch Indy




And finally 10 laps Brands Hatch GP.

Or skip that last race and shoot off to Germany a lap around the Ring.

(PS if you go to the garage and choose your colour of car, it should remember it.)

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