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World Endurance Championship (WEC) Thread

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Well pick the bones out of that then :)

Audi #7 to win
With either of the other Audis and Toyota #2 on the podium with them.
Porsche will have lots of little problems, or pile off into the scenery.

An Aston will win both GTam and pro.

LMP 2 is anyone's, but I think the g drive will just pip the jota boys.

Rain is going to what decides this race.

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Anyone got any recommended radio stations for following this? I'm not in the UK, so the BBC will be out.

Failing that, a good website.


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Radio Le Mans?

I'm not certain that it works everywhere but you can quickly check that it's okay for you by clicking the 'Listen Live' button and selecting one of the channels at any time.

It's as comprehensive as it gets for coverage and with multiple commentary teams and people around the pits, you won't miss a thing over the course of the weekend.

Unless you sleep! ;)

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Some utterly batshit penalties.

So the Nissan LMP1s didn't get within 10% of the Porsches qualifying. Their punishment is to start behind all the LMP2s. Which they're quicker than. So all this achieved was putting 3 Nissans behind slower cars briefly at the start of the race.

Worse, the 4th placed GTE Pro has been penalised for being too far behind as well. Not too far behind the lead GTE Pro, too far behind the Porsche LMP1 hyperspaceship. Its punishment is to start 2nd last. Behind a lot of the Am cars which are mechanically identical but apparently not subject to this rule despite the fact that in qualifying they of course all had their pro drivers in anyway. Its crime is apparently that Porsche found 5 seconds in a year, which of course moves 120% by 6 seconds.

Literally all these punishments, for contravening a rule that should only ever exist for safety reasons, do is make the first laps more dangerous. What in the actual fuck.

Worse, the ACO's stated aim is to keep GTE Pole times higher than 3:55. 120% of the Porsche is 3:57. So according to the ACO there's only 2 seconds grace in which you're even allowed to be a GTE Pro. Who knows what they'd have done if the Porsches had really gone for it.

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Can't wait to see that in action, what a beauty...

That diffuser though... lol.

I think the Porsche's will be much more reliable this year. Difference in speed is significant and i doubt they will have to do that many more pitstops then the Audi's.


1. Porsche #18

2. Porsche #17

3. Audi #7

GT Pro

1. Aston #97

2. Ferrari #51

3. Porsche #91


1. Aston #98

2. Ferrari #83

3. Dodge #53 (!)

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As a side note, and I should have spotted this too, the Kolles CLM is also at the back of the Prototypes.

I'm sure putting literally the fast car in a straight line and a P1 spec car in corners directly behind a large bunch of P2s at the start isn't in any way asking for it.

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I've got my spotters guide, I've got 3 screens. It's on.

Some of the SA guys will be in #f1 on synirc. I'll be refreshing this largely constantly I imagine.

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Still no retirements.

The 23 started 7 laps late, the AAI 67 had a 5 minute penalty and JOTA Gibson and Pegasus Morgan have both been in the garage.

Incidentally, the Morgan and Ligier are actually the same manufacturer, Onarok.

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