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New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

Graham S

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Hello! I'm a new person. I just signed up following a link from the Britxbox forums which are closing soon, so i'm following over a few of the fellas from there.

I do need my forum fix, though i'm not regular poster and haven't signed up to a new forum since about 2004.

I have a PS4, after being a bit of a Xbox fanboy for the previous 2 generations, I love it!

Anyway, I will have a look around

Hi bud. Its Bateman. Guess there's gonna be an influx from BXB!

Hey all. Have come here from BXB who have decided to close their forums. This place has been recommended by Captain le chuck as the place to be. Currently have an xbox one but will be getting a PS4 at some stage this year

Welcome! ;):D

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Are you trying to increase my workload? ;)

But yes, you're all more than welcome to take part! Maybe you'll have better taste than this lot and improve the results this year :P

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I thought I'd already introduced myself already, but apparently I have not yet.

I am Sam P, not from BxB, as I am in fact a Playstation fan, from the early days. :mellow:

I did make this profile a while ago, but only started using it before the downtime. Hope to stick around and I can be welcomed in, despite coming from the dark side.

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