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New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

Graham S

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  • 7 months later...
4 hours ago, Dr beep said:

Hello, my nickname is Dr Beep, a deriviation from DR BEAT.

I have coded many games/utilities for the ZX Spectrum , but made a sidestwp to the ZX81 in 2011 when converting a game I wrote for the ZX Spectrum.


During some researcgh about hires on the ZX81 I found a routine for a small demo of hires in 1K.

This triggered me to code a game in 1K and hires. 

After the first game 28 games followed. All available on sinclairzxworld.com or watch the video's



if you don't know these games, have a look.



johan "dr beep" koelman


I used to take old speccy type-ins from mags and "port" (crowbar) them onto the zx81. Remember being blown away by The Software Farms hi-res zx81 output back in the day so I'll check your stuff out over the next few days for sure - good to have you onboard this Titanic which seems very close to the iceberg.

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2 minutes ago, PokeMasterDaisy said:

I'm relatively knew here- still getting used to everything. I've played games of all types for years- but RPGs are definitely my favourite. Hello everybody haha I play games all day. 


hello! Welcome, I'm a rookie myself, only posting here when I'm at work.....

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4 minutes ago, PokeMasterDaisy said:


Ah- it does take a while to get used to everything, especially with so many disagreements etc, but it really is a great community



I dont get too involved with disagreements. I'll fold early. Life's too short for arguing on the internet. 

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