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On 19-2-2017 at 11:21, Sponge said:

Turn off the head bob (comfort setting). With that off the cockpit is stable to your head and it doesn't move around like that.


THIS!!! So very much. Maybe put it in the first post and/or title thread @Yoshimax (or any mod)? This is crucial for DiRT Rally to work in VR - otherwise it will put many people of, which is a shame.


On 17-2-2017 at 17:05, Beezer said:

@McSpeed Can we get another rally going? Lots of fresh interest with the PSVR launch. I like the Wales suggestion. How about the kit cars?


I'll try to set up another league today, in Wales. We did kit cars quite recently - but I'll have a look :)


On 17-2-2017 at 17:51, Thread Astaire said:

He's away for the weekend so don't think he'll be able to setup - Belgium I think he mentioned, playing on the Switch. 


Two different things. Played on the Switch last Thursday (fun but not totally convincing), then went to Belgium to do some actual rallying:




Which resulted in this: ( :D )




2 hours ago, marsh said:

Can the Rllmuk rally league take in a round of the rallycross?


Sure! Something to try for next week, I reckon :)

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Great stuff, I'd love a go at rallying for real though I could never bring myself to be in a situation where you have to be able to accept you might just total the car.....


A Suzuki swift in full rallycross setup did land on my suggested ebay buys recently though, I could almost live with the £7k price tag, though the nearest circuit is at least 4 hours drive. It might be cheap to buy but I baulk at spending £100 racing the quad for a weekend!

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29 minutes ago, Thread Astaire said:

@McSpeed Polmon and I did online rallycross. Its tough going and ultra competitive but bloody good fun!


Aaah, I want in on that too! Mentioned it so many times in party chat :) Tonight at 8PM then? @Polmon


6 minutes ago, PeteBrant said:

I'm up for online Rally fun on PS4


Join us! Are we connected on PSN?

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