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It was supposed to end at midnight tonight! But I just checked the leaderboards and noticed it's already finished :huh: I was sure I set it to midnight on Sunday night! Al the more understanding for the difficulties @SharkyOB has faced with this, I guess...


As for aggregating the results, I can only do it like this for now:



1. spatular25

2. RichXM65518

3. SharkyOB15



1. mike1812

2. Joe_McSpeed


Xbox One



I WILL set up another round, planning on that to start on Monday night - as I'm still abroad at the moment.

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Yep, organising this is defo not as easy as it looks!


I'm sure there's something weird going on with the end times for online league events.  Same thing (event ending 1 day early) appears to have happened to both me and Joe now on two consecutive events and we're not that stupid.

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Just now, Fry Crayola said:

Sounds like you might have set it to 00:00 on Sunday.


That's what I thought when Sharky hosted, so I double-checked my settings. But still. The calender to pick the start and end dates does look a bit confusing, mind.


Will tripple-check for the next round!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'd forgotten quite how good this is......


Talk of another game concerns me in as much that I have only really scratched the surface of this. Finally got to a decent level in WRX and absolutely creamed it in Sweden, prior to getting rinsed in a pies peak hillclimb.


Concerned that while I've been doing those, I still have a group B monster to tame in a rally somewhere.


Game is stupidly hard at times, but it's a proper test.

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Would it be racing against each other or time trials? I've never... ahem... played dirt. The last rally game I played was Richard Burns.


I hope it's not as blurry as Driveclub. That shows the potential of VR driving but it killed my eyes... 

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11 hours ago, Beezer said:

Anyone up for a Rllmuk league rally?


I'll gladly set up a new one if there's enough interest here :) So, rally the troops and we'll get cracking!


55 minutes ago, mexos said:

Would it be racing against each other or time trials? I've never... ahem... played dirt. The last rally game I played was Richard Burns.


Christ Mexos, you've been missing out on a lot!


Leagues in DiRT Rally are played a-synchronously, through an online tool connected to your game. You just run the rally at your own pace (but before the event expires) following the set rules. The quickest player wins, etc.

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Right then, here you go - new league rally season! One to coincide with the actual WRC this week, in fact:


- 8 stages in Sweden, ran from TODAY 13:45 until SUNDAY 12TH OF FEBRUARY 23:45.

- Cars limited to 'entry level' Group B models: MG Metro 6R4, Audi Sport Quattro Rallye and Ford RS200.

- No retries, no restarts, no owned vehicles, no career engineers.


If you're not in the league yet, visit https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues, log in and send a request to RALLYMUK (PS4/XBONE). Also send me a message or tag me on the forum, so I can accept you into the competition.


Good luck and enjoy :)


I highly recommend getting inspired by the following short film, Group B, which I recently found is now available for rent on Vimeo. Well worth the 2 quid!



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2 minutes ago, parrapatheslapper said:

Cheers @McSpeed! Have requested to join the group.


Only picked this up a couple of weeks ago so I won't be much of a challenge! 


And accepted. Welcome man!


Just take it easy. Do a couple of practice runs around the Sweden stages in Custom Event, see how you get on with the cars.


Once you dive in the league season, take it easy, as there are no retries ;) And most of all: enjoy yourself!

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