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6 hours ago, SharkyOB said:

Group A Single Week 1.PNG


Yeah, I was rusty too. Too careless, lots of offs. Great to be back in the saddle though!


Had a particularly enjoyable experience at one stage - 6 or 7, I think - when it all came together for a bit. The Scooby flowed through the corners nicely and I really nailed some straights in terms of pulling up to about 130 MPH and braking at the EXACT right spot. Sooo satisfying :D


Massively looking forward to the next league rally now. Just a thought: how about Kit Cars in Monte Carlo? I just did an official online event like that and it was both well-doable and great fun :)


4 hours ago, Mike1812 said:

I'm about 5 mins behind Joe McSpeed do I think I'll be bottom of that list!




1 hour ago, Beezer said:

Pretty close between me and McSpeed after 7 stages and over half an hour of rallying:


Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 16.11.30.png



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Did everyone know that car upgrades from the career mode are applied in online leagues?


I personally think this is a bad decision from Codemasters as there should be a level playing field in an online league, but at least everyone should be aware of this.


Are we having another run this week? If so, i'm in!

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I think the league admin gets to set whether that's true or not. I tend to agree that it should be a level playing field though yes, as I can't be arsed grinding my way through the single player much more than I did already.

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1 hour ago, milko said:

I think the league admin gets to set whether that's true or not.


Ah yes, I see now. There is an 'owned vehicles' checkbox. I assume we have that unchecked. Thanks for clearing that up because this is the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night.

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I think we had a mix of using it or not, with our first set of rallies. The guys who've earned the upgrades were quite keen to use them, funnily enough :)


And since it's such a task to organise, especially multiplatform, the rest of us are just happy if the organiser is happy, it's all for fun innit. Cheers again, Sharky!

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Any chance af sharing the results here @SharkyOB? :)


I'm definitely up for another weekly forum league. Maybe do the kit cars in Monte Carlo, as suggested? And to level the playing field, switch of career upgrades and such.


If you're short on time or anything, I don't mind hosting this one - took some extra time off until X-mas and I believe I still share hosting rights with you.

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22 hours ago, SharkyOB said:

Yep, go for it Joe.  I'm doing training days with work today and tomorrow so it's unlikely I'll have chance to post the results until Thursday.


Right, I'll try to set up a new league rally tonight or tomorrow at the latest :)

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22 hours ago, milko said:

is there not? That's weird, I was certain we'd done one rally without them. And it seems mad that you can't even change it. Oh well!


It was Career engineers that were switched off.

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Right then, apologies for the delay - I have just uploaded a new (single) RaLLyMUK Season Event :) For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players, as always.


It's in Wales, on 6 stages (all by daylight) and using F2 Kit Cars. To get a taste, watch this:



Tuning IS allowed, however stage retries, rally restarts, owned vehicles and career engineers are NOT.


Service and checkpoint opportunities will be provided before Stages 3 and 5.


This rally event runs from 0:00 tonight until Sunday 18th December 0:00. I will be aboard when this rally finishes, but try to aggregate the finals results on time. (Or ping @SharkyOB if he can check on them before the end ;) )


Good luck everyone!

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Did my run just now.


Only one other PC player has even done an attempt and they DNFed on the first or second stage.


Took a couple of stages to get the technique for this class on gravel (used the Pug), but it ended up being quite fun, once I'd got it. 

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