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Gamesmaster (greatest tv show ever), Bad Influence - All seasons, every episode


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On a more modern, less nostalgic note, it's also possibly worth adding this to the list:


Playlists containing most of the first series and all of the second series to date of Videogame Nation, as currently being broadcast on Challenge on Saturday mornings.

(the half decent modern iteration, rather than the totally shite old one)

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There was another thread about this.

There was a guy online in possession of high quality recordings of GM and was doing professional-quality DVD sets with artwork, 3D glasses, menus. I bought a set last year and they're stacked on my DVD shelf and look wonderful.

Unfortunately folks here took issue with the fact the guy was charging for them rather than uploading for free, which personally I found completely within his rights and reasonable.

And yes, they're very entertaining and there are some fascinating features around the dawn of the internet, 20 years on.

How much better? I have Cosmic Squirrel's files from years back, think they are mainly mpegs (cant check as I'm at work).

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