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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


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The season pass contains both the expansions (that were £1.99 each the other week) and a host of one-use consumables that are pretty much irrelevent.


So no, I'd just buy the add ons seperate and save a quid if it were me.


I started System Rift last night and so far it is a wonderful slice of cyberpunk goodness. Quite impressed with the production values and it seems pretty meaty too judging by the trophy list.

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1 hour ago, Mr Ben said:

Game was a massive improvement over Human Revolution, but still somewhat lacking the originals freedom. I just wish they'd remake the original game, without altering the gameplay.

This was defo my favourite since the first one, but like every game since the first it fucks the upgrading royally - it’s just not a choice if by mid way point you have so many augs you simply don’t bother with them any more

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Right, I'm completely stuck. I got into the palisade bank vaults via the underground car park, through the fan that you disable with an emp.

Went all the way down to the picus vault (jumped down a bit were there is no ladder available), picked up all the stuff inside (I cheated a bit got the location of the picus card from online guide).

Now I have no way of getting out of the vaults, and there aren't ladders going from how I got in to the bottom. I must be doing something wrong as I doubt the designers intended for me to just be stuck here forever?


Any ideas?

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First achievement date and last achievement date :lol:. As someone who loved and completed Human Revolution twice, I genuinely don't know why I struggled with this one so much. I'd start it, play it for a few hours and drop it again. It just didn't hold my interest like HR did. Still, it's done now and I can finally cross it off my backlog. 


And those end credits! About 20 minutes of unskippable names. 



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I remember rather liking it on my first stealth play through, but any subsequent attempt to do a violent/lethal one fell flat. There's very little excitement involved in the latter runs.

I'd be all over a neat collection in 4k 60 fps ray tracing though.

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Did they not have this pre-order scheme in place before launch that would make EA and Ubi blush? It was some some of Kickstarter type scheme where things were unlocked via Tiers. The more people pre-ordered, the more stuff everybody would get.


It spectacularly backfired to the point where it was scrapped. Must have hurt the sales, generally Gamerstm are quite opposed to this shit.

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