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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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Ahh probably scalpers thinking they will be rare or something.

I'm really excited about the game arriving. I do like a calm, charming, furniture-y title to waste away a few hours downtime! Went into Sainsburys on the off chance they had cards but they didn't know what I was talking about. They had the game out on the shelves though.

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Update: my girlfriend bought the game on Friday afternoon after work, and already seems to have essentially completed the game. She remarked that if she hadn't wanted to spend the extra time making the animals' houses and the public building look nice, there's probably 2 hours play at most(!).

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Yeah, there's probably 2 hours' worth of play - if you don't play the game properly and ignore half the content. The whole point of the game is making buildings look nice rather than just stuffing the non-negotiables in there and moving on. If you don't engage with it at all, you can race to the finish, but even so it's not as if the game's done there, what with the online features and all the other animals' homes to decorate. By way of comparison, it took my wife 16 hours to 'finish' - okay, she played New Leaf for ten times longer, but that was a very different game, and that time was spread over a much longer period. This isn't meant to last a year or more. You can argue about relative value, of course, but saying it's 2 hours long is hugely misleading.

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So yeah this gets boring pretty quickly.

But that's only because I keep trying to rush through it. There's definitely great potential here, but only if you can take your time for it. Really love what some other designers have done with it - check out the HHD network feature! And then there's the online challenges, and a greatly improved interactivity with the items (eg. eat some icecream, flick through magazines, pour some coffee etc... ).

It's absolutely a good game, but with so many other games vying for my attention I don't have too much time left to spend with HHD.

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