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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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So the latest addition to the immensily popular Animal Crossing franchise is this; Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

An upcoming community simulation videogame developed and published by Nintendo, and due Q3 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is a spin-off of the Animal Crossing series where the player has to design homes for the various anthropomorphic animal characters.

Central to the game's concept is the ability to completely design the villagers' homes. The game was also confirmed to be the first to support amiibo in card format, to be released along the game.

The Amiibo Cards are obviously more portable for on-the-go play, and the new Nintendo 3DS comes with built-in Amiibo functionality. Other forms of 3DS (i.e. the original 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS) will require a separate NFC reader/writer accessory that will launch the same time as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

And with over 300 characters, that's going to be a lots of cards...

Footage from the latest Nintendo Direct:

Official Japanese site: >> http://www.nintendo....edhj/index.html


Character trailers:

Pity the completionist who wants to catch'em all.


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They should've made this DLC for New Leaf, as it doesn't seem much of a game on its own.

I agree, though having it as a separate game should mean that I manage to not relapse back into my New Leaf addiction. (I just know I'm still going to end up buying the cards though :facepalm: )

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Just to have a seperate thread from the other Animal Crossing one, dude.

That's not what he was asking ;)

Anyway, this looks... I don't know. I kind of hoped that an Animal Crossing game focussed solely on home design would be a little more flexible, but the trailer seems to suggest that you're still pretty locked into using the 8*8 grid (albeit in 0.5 block intervals) and you're still only going to be able to stack stuff the game wants to let you stack. Want to put that TV on that TV unit? Nah, man. Your little stack of books is cool though.

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I didn't realise this would be a retail game. I thought they were going to knock it out as a free download and make bank on amiibo cards.

Dunno if I'd spend £30 on this before even getting to the cards, even though that special edition and the cover plates are awesome.

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Not too sure about this, and I'm huge Animal Crossing fan. :/ But the amiibo cards... god, I may as well give Nintendo my bank account number >_>

Still, I'll try the game out assuming I can find it for good price after I get New 3DS to replace my XL, no point in getting amiibo thingy if I'm going to upgrade my 3DS.

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Latest trailer from this year's E3::



Alright Nintendo, I might buy into the Animal Crossing world once more, but that WiiU party game is simply too much of a cash-grab. The amiibo are lovely though...


Gawd, it really is the e-reader all over again...

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That's looking dangerously charming, after loosing a whole year to New Leaf it's looking like I might get addicted again!

Hopefully the included amiibo card will also be available separately as I'd most likely go with the eShop version

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