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The Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious Time Trial Challenge

Boozy The Clown

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Fast & Furious Forza Horizon Rllmuk Time Trial Challenge

Route : Montagne Hill Climb

Class : A800

Car : 2013 Jeep Wrangler Ultimate



Deadline : 12.00am 6/4/15

Countdown Clock http://itsalmo.st/#montagnehillclimb

How to join in & Rules, please read

1. Press Start

2. Press RB once to highlight Social tab

3. Select Rivals Events

4. Select Nice Massena Montagne Hill Climb

5. Select A800 Class

6. Select 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited


1. No Rewind usage please

2. Be Honest

3. Have fun

4. Post your time in the following format only

Name - X:YY.zzz e.g Boozy - 3:35.897

Any other format will be ignored for copy & paste reasons.

Xbox One Leaderboard

1. spatular - 2:51.505

2. SnoopZak - 2:55.676

3. Karzee - 2:59.874

4. YoshiMax - 3:00.914

360 Leaderboard ( Rules/car subject to change) Detroit Hill Climb

Leaderboard updated 19:32 31/3/15

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top in the world! very nice! i thought there must be another place that acts as somewhat a short cut/better line to hold speed other than the one that i took, or maybe a perfect place for the nitrous.. couldnt get very near to the linthium reign guy at all. will be investigating :D

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Cheers! The main places I was losing time to his ghost was the start and through that shortcut bit, so used some boost at the start, and a lucky run through that shortcut bit, often I was hitting the barrier there and losing loads of time. Didn't notice any other places to save a load of time but wouldn't be surprised if there are some.

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Got stuck into this last night and actually rather enjoyed it. Wasn't really expecting to either having had a quick blast on FH2 when I got my bone and finding it sickeningly cheesy!!

I've unlocked / found the Jeep and hope to get the track unlocked tonight too so that I can get time posted up which i'm sure will be way down the table but hey :)

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Post the time , the point is not to wait until you have won. It's to track the improvement over time.

Boozy - 3.18.fml

Alright, I'll find it and post it. I started out on about 3:20 and then got stuck on about 3:03 before hitting the 2:57 just the once. I think I can get near Spatular but another 6 seconds is a big ask.

i expect the inevitable before the deadline :)

this thrustmaster wheel is nice but pretty expensive, pedals aren't the best either, but the force feedback is really good.


Interesting, thanks. I was surprised to see how many compatible wheels are available now.

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So I spoke a little too soon. After my last post I noticed Karzee had a time up above me so I gave him a race. I switched to bonnet can and this jeep becomes a more enjoyable drive, I can actually turn left in it! Although it's not faster, it feels faster in this view and less of a clumsy drive.


Toot - 2:59:479

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Working lates all this last week and being a bit Forza'd out after the last two week's TT's progress has been a bit slow on playing the F&F spinoff for me so I only unlocked this track yesterday. Had a pretty good stab at it still this afternoon and managed an ok time. Think I can improve still, but don't know about matching spatular's monster run.

Meatball - 2:54.975

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