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D2: Tuesday Raid team. Positions open!


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Hey guys. Thanks for the run again this evening. Was getting annoyed at myself for the low DPS on boss. Had a look at some videos and we are bang on with what we are doing. It's just the mechanic to get into the containment room after we DPS him. Hopefully with some more light in the next week well get there. We pretty much rinced the first part... I probably won't be on till the weekend but if anyone give me a shout happy to run anything that'll get me better gear.

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Cheers for last night guys. One thing I did read last night was that with the bombs, only two need to be thrown at the same time. The first one just brings down his barrier. 


So we could have middle throw immediately and left and right coordinate without having to come middle? That way middle two can immediately focus on adds and look for monitors.


Also, if all is going to plan we only need to go to the rooms after the damage phase on the boss, so we select one/two (one each side?) person to look and shout the door before his shield is back up 


Also got gjallarhorn after we finished so boss damage should be much better. 


We can do this! 

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Neither - once his shield is down you just need to use your strongest heavy. I just got gjallarhorn and am going to use that. Void is important and useful to take out those bastard captains as soon as possible on each side. Last night during one run I was concentrating on adds in the middle after we killed our captain and another one killed me and then rattle a minute later. 


In an ideal situation you would have a strong void secondary shotgun/fusion for the captains and gjallarhorn for boss dps. Or maybe a strong impact sniper for boss and a void machine gun/sword for captains. I think the loadout and pre defined roles rather than light will be the key for us - especially considering we got a fair way into the shanks phase on one run last night. And also on one run (maybe the same one?) we all got into a room for the first time because the call out was spot on so we all had time

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1 hour ago, Muz said:

Void is important and useful to take out those bastard captains as soon as possible on each side. Last night during one run I was concentrating on adds in the middle after we killed our captain and another one killed me and then rattle a minute later.


Yes, I remember you moaning about that at the time, but when you are face to face with a captain pumping him full of purple shotgun juice like a complete hero its easy to miss another captain sneaking round the back - so to speak.


I know, I know - I had one job...


That and THRILLER!!!1

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Some useful advice from reddit:


The only round that matters is the first one, after that you just alternate sides.


I'm going to assume that you're all grouped in the middle with Weapons of Light etc, as per normal practice.


Quarantine room labels for the purpose of this explanation are back left, front left, back right and front right; with back being at the back of the room (furthest from the boss) and front being the rooms closest to the boss.


1)During the first DPS round when the extra bombs drop and can be thrown, look at the back left quarantine room


2)If it is lit, get in there and skip to step 7


3)If it is not lit up then two other rooms are lit.


4)Since you know that the back left room is not lit up, only one of the two quarantine rooms could possibly be on the left (the front left one - but you can't see it and be sure), so at least one lit roommust be on the right hand side.


5)Run to the right, if it is the back right room lit get in, if not keep running to the front right.


6)You should run as soon as bombs are thrown just in case you must get to a front room.


7)For the each subsequent DPS phase you willalways go to the opposite side to the side you used last.


Step 7 is because you can only use each room once. So if after the first DPS round you used the back left room, then after the second DPS round you can say with certainty that only the front left room could be lit this time as the back left has been used, so at least one lit room is on the right side which is the opposite side to the room you used first time, hence step 7.


Technically after using two rooms it doesn't matter which side you go to, only two rooms are left and so both are lit, but it helps to have a reliable rule everyone can follow and not waste rooms in case something goes wrong. This fight is recoverable even if you're down to just one player.


So just follow the logic in the numbered steps and you'll make it every time.


TL:DR; is basically:

Look left, if the room is lit get in if not go right.

Every subsequent round just go to the opposite side

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Good work guys last night, we were almost there.

Think the fact that we are all now 360+ and able to do enough damage along with the room calling has made it really achievable. 


Ill be on all week. Not sure about the weekend yet. Not around Saturday, Anyone want to run NF later let me know.


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Wrath of the Machine hidden Exotic Chest #1

After completing the first Archpriest encounter, proceed to the jumping sequence but leave the main path right at the start to travel through over the high, dark platforms to a room with an Exotic chest.



edit: d'oh. I thought I saw Broman etc find this before the second encounter. My bad.



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