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D2: Tuesday Raid team. Positions open!


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My deepest apologises i've just read Gorf's post about it.


Thats pretty cool, think i'll join in with you if theres space.

I've done it many times before so if someone needs it they can have my spot.


10pm group? Might be best making a new thread and organising it properly.

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Sorry guys - our old raid team fell apart after mastering the HM Challenges early this year and I knew LeChuck and markh were steady hands, so I recently asked the former to join us for WotM, and he sorta asked the latter, and that was that. Or is that for now - we might completely fuck up or not gel as an efficient problem-solving unit or summat, and they might be back cap in hand in a week's time saying how it was just a fling and a mistake and a crazy middle-aged breakdown-fuelled moment of madness* and oh no, oh really, they never felt the way for us that they do for you, it was just a mad week and you don't want to throw all our sweet, sweet lovin history away just on one mistake, do you?


But nah, we're going to totally cane the fucker. Hope you do too.


* It's really prolly cos we're offering a guaranteed 3 nights/12 hours a week raid time. Gotta keep that momentum up.

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10 hours ago, markh said:

I hate it when my parents fight...

Hold on....does that make me some weird uncle that no one talks to at family gatherings?!


EDIT: I havent been able to download this and there is nowhere to say I bought it. However, When I go to the PS store there is no option to purchase it. Im confused now.

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51 minutes ago, Rattlehead.ie said:

Nope,not online in Chrome anyway. I haven't checked the PS4 yet. Wont be home till later and hoped to kick off download while in work.

I don't think there is a download today - it was all included in the biggie last week, it should only be the unlock today.

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hi chaps.... how is everyone?! I have been on forced hiatus. it has been difficult but I feel I am on the road to a full recovery. I do miss raid nights though. how is everyone doing? is Soi alright? has much changed about destiny? heard there is a new black gally (I guess it is also longer now that it is black) and a there is a new grain effect which was broken. what's the light level up to now? I have been feeling like at least playing the new story missions. can someone catch me up on what has happened in the last 9 months, have they changed much?

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3 hours ago, Stebbo said:

Let me just check... @Soi- are you rejoining, or have you found another team?


So far we have:






muz bro


Spag- if soi has found another team, you're in.


nice one - Stebbo I think we had a few goes at crota together which were a good laugh


my psn is: thekunjer   and my bro is: khurrumc


So is the plan to all go in blind from next Tuesday evening? 

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