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D2: Tuesday Raid team. Positions open!


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Say Team Stebbo, how are you getting on? I have not been keeping up to date with Destiny at all, do you lot still play this regularly? I have to admit I do miss the social aspect, is there another game you lot now play?

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We haven't played in a few weeks, mainly due to various social commitments. I am keen to reconvene, absolutely.


Join us on Tuesday? Dizogg too!



Personally I haven't moved on to any other MP game. Well, BLOPS - but I am off mic whilst playing that.


I hope the new job is going well Kan - are you enjoying the splendid weather..?



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Aye, all good and well over here. Found a place to live, job is fun, weather is wet. And I'll have my (gaming) stuff here on hopefully the 16th of March so expect me back online. A lot, having been gaming since January 2nd.


have you lot considered The Division? Sounds/looks like a fun cooperative thingie.

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Hope it's going well Kan.


i tried the division beta and it was......ok. The shooting didn't really seem much like destiny with no leaping about and most enemies seeming a bit bullet spongey, plus i prefer shooting space aliens to bland marine #356. I only played it briefly but it felt more like gears of war.


i was probably not going to bother with the full game, but if you all recommend it....

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