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Portraying racists, rapists, homophobes, paedophiles etc in games vs movies


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Unlike in movies where all the above are regularly portrayed, bad folk in games generally tend to be various caricatures of bullies or psychopaths. There might be examples of the above but I can't think of any off the top of my head. To me it'd feel a bit weird to have them in games, maybe because I'm not used to seeing them there. Games are getting more graphic and violent, is it a matter of time before we have this kind of character or will there always be some distinction between what movies and games are comfortable depicting?

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Well Bioshock Infinite tried for the racist angle but it didn't really do it that well IIRC; they just seemed to have those opening scenes and then it didn't really do anything with it for a while. And when you were confronted with some of the more notable scenes with Daisy or Fink they just seemed to be there to provide some narrative spice and keep the player interested.

Possible plot bit below, but you probably know about it if you've seen trailers.

The Vox revolution doesn't help either; the extreme reaction from the Vox Populi is a bit at odds with the level of discrimination seen in the game up to that point...

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