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Shamelessly nicked from the How Did This Get Made? podcast.

No matter how reviled a film is, somebody, somewhere loves it. So let's share glowing 5 star reviews from Amazon (or elsewhere) of absolute stinkers.

To start us off - RoboCop 3


Robocop 3, what can I say?! :) I love this movie! It is a truly great sequel, much better than Robocop 2, which though I enjoyed, it does not compare with Robocop 3. What I like about this movie, was that the violence was toned down somewhat, the makers of these movies must have realised Robocop had a huge fan base of under 16's.

Robert Burke steps into Peter Weller's shoes, and does a fantastic job. He brings empathy to the character, and retains Robocop's movements to perfection. Nancy Allen also returns in her role one last time, as Lewis.

Something weird happened when this movie was released here in the UK on video in 1994. Some smart person had the idea of releasing the feature length pilot of Robocop: The series on video at the very same time as Robocop 3. It caused national confusion, resulting in the Robocop :The series rental profits to soar, and Robocop 3's to plummet.

Whatever your view on the Robocop series, Robocop 3 is a well made and enjoyable sequel. Packed with special effects, and a great story. So rent it or buy it, but don't let this little gem pass by.

You all remember that national confusion, right? People wandering the street in the daze and video rental shops ablaze. It got so bad John Major nearly declared martial law!

Robocop 3

This one's a lot different from the other two. It's less violent and more funny. They have re-designed the suit a lot better and Robo has a lot more better gadgets. The way it is directed and with the much better musical score it feels a lot more modern than the previous ones. As for the DVD, don't buy it just because of the extra features because other than a trailer... there aren't any! The picture is anamorphic, which is one reason why it's definately much more worth buying than the American release. It's a lot better than the other morbid ones. It's a lot of fun but don't expect too much. (What more do you expect from a film with the baddie saying "I though your ninja was supposed to take care of Robocop!")

"Better muscial score" = Basil Poledouris' amazing soundtrack from the first film played on a kazoo. Admittedly that's still probably better than the music in RoboCop 2.

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Amazingly Alien Resurrection has managed to garner 25 top scores on Amazon UK.

Excellent finish to a maginicent saga

What can I say I thought after Alien3 that was that I did not see them making another after the ending but here it is. It is another completely different film like all of them especially with the water sequence. Now, however, it is modern and anyone can watch it even if you have not seen the magic of the first three but if you have not seen Alien3 the story line would be a bit confusion. It has a great ending and a must buy

There is kind of a water sequence in Aliens, so he should have knocked a star off.

Five Stars

Nearly as good as "Aliens ".

Flogging is too good for this one...etc

Not quite as good as Alien and Aliens...

...but then for me, not much is! Contrary to many reviewers of the film (not necessarily here on Amazon though) I thought Winona Ryder played a great part. Call was sympathetic yet resilient and teamed up well with Super-Ripley - AKA Clone 8 - whose new persona was a welcome change from the others in the series. Call provides the reason for Ripley to come back from the brink of 'Alienisation', restores her humanity and thereby her heroic status...and to me Ripley is the most heroic woman in the movies, ever. (With all due respect to those movies made about real-life heroines, who I haven't include in this opinion)

My only problem is with the appearance of the new live-born alien. Great idea, but he should have been the ultimate of all the scary aliens, not something that looked like it was crying and snotty-nosed all of the time. *shrug* but what do I know. I still loved it, and felt for Ripley when she had to kill him...

I think this guy was just hoping Winona Ryder might be browsing Amazon, see this and give him a call.

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Hey, I really like Alien Resurrection! I even own the DVD.

Admittedly time has not treated it well, and I probably don't like it as much as when I wrote that review, but it's still worth a watch imho.

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