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Fable legends, RIP.


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Should not be entirely surprised I suppose after the seasonal nature was recently revealed.

Still seems more like a computerised version of Descent.


Thinking about it more that sigh is more for the structure of the game (4 v 1episodic MP) rather than for the payment model itself. If it gets more people playing in the first place and develops a buzz , then all well and good. Another game (like Neverwinter) that one may as well pick up and try out for a while at least.

Cross platform play is supported. Don't know how the all important matchmaking will work though.

Hopefully a release date is announced fairly soon.

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Today's announcement
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I know you had received the invite, but given there's a pretty draconian NDA in place I wasn't sure if you had actually played yet.

I'm not so bothered now about the beta, but they surely need to ramp up the numbers participating up before launch to avoid another MCC matchmaking debacle (someone on GAF was complaining about waiting 3 hours for a match and then not being able to target healing effectively when he finally got on).

I hope they set the cash price of retaining your initial character after the first rotation low enough that people become invested in them and get totally in the mind-set of repeating high level quests / raids to have a chance of getting the best gear for their character. That seems to have worked out splendidly for Destiny on consoles.

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I was going to post here a few days ago speculating if there had been a spanner in the works when I saw the art book of the game has been published...... err without said game, and following the cessation of character introductions on Youtube.

Now it's official, open beta delayed until Spring 2016


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I played it a couple of months ago and thought it was miles away from being ready. Has it improved a lot recently? If it wasn't such a pain in the ass to install I'd probably try it again.

I've got it on both PC and Xbox. The Xbox version is fantastic and runs really well. PC version runs well too but I've been having loads of connection issues with it.

Latest build seems to have switched up the characters, and the one I have been using since the start isn't available without purchase anymore :-(

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Late to the XB1 game, I've only just heard of this. Looks really nice. Glad the thread ended with new keys going out, I thought for a moment it was in trouble!

It's well late - not good for something that's free. I don't think it has been an easy ride for Lionhead but I love the concept and I've been looking forward to trying it.

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Finally got around to playing this today, enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than I was expecting, pity there's not more of a buzz about it.

obviously can't say a lot more about it as its under NDA but it's audio and visuals are great, love the NPC accents, very British indeed :)

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I think there is a lack of buzz because it's been in closed beta for so long. I've been in it since the start and I'd say it was closer to pre-alpha back then. Really rough and lacked any features.

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