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Essential Neo Geo Pocket Colour games


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Please read this spoiler first!

After starting the 3DS thread at http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/284023-essential-3ds-games/ I thought it might be a good idea to do similar for other formats. A few people agreed. Let's see how it goes.

How it works: each poster should post the title of one game per post, and give a short description or review as to why it's essential. We're talking Eurogamer-essential here, not if-you-don't-own-this-throw-your-3DS-away-essential. When you're reading the thread, if you have played that game and think it's essential, press the pos button. That way someone who's reading the thread for recommendations can see the strength of opinion behind each suggestion.

Try not to discuss the games in this thread. If possible, link to the game's thread on the forum so discussion can go there!

Sonic Pocket Adventure

Many complain that there hasn't been a decent Sonic game released for years, and if a decent Sonic game requires no homing attacks, wisps, or sidekicks then this is true. However, before complaining about a lack of new game, why not make sure you've played all the old ones. Sonic Pocket Adventure, released in 1999, is a pure Sonic game, loosely based around the themes of Sonic 2 but with entirely new level designs and mostly new bosses. Unlike the Game Gear Sonics, it's been designed around the limitations of the small screen.

After completing the game, the main menu lets you replay any stage in order to set a time, and there's also an advanced time trail where you must finish the stage with 50 rings. There's also a two-player mode (where Tails appears), but as that requires a link cable, two consoles and two copies of the game, I've never played it.

Oh, and many years before Streetpass Puzzle, you could collect puzzle pieces throughout the game to make picture of Sonic and his friends. Amazing.


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Puyo Pop

The NGPC isn't short of puzzle games, but this is (in my opinion) the best. It's a pure version of the game before the Fever elements started to creep in, but the controls and screen give it a noticeable advantage over other handheld versions. It's as addictive as ever.

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