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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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Thought it best to start a thread here to arrange some multiplayer shenanigans. Will be on this evening if any one would like to join.

Melon_Bread: 4124-4978-8664
mechamonkey: 3153-4264-7453
ann coulter: 2750-1114-7802
Curtis: 1521-5701-5856
Yasawas: 1349-4492-7603
Anth: 2277-7218-1335
Mogster: 4656-8959-4910
Rikku: 2320-6115-5517
Sie: 2638-2617-7231
polygon_monkey: 3308-4540-7967
Plopboy: 5327-0892-1104
Kiwi Cake: 4570-7390-1953
Prof Frink: 0748-1542-8524
Doctor Shark: 2638-1655-9967
Sealflap: 0791-1042-3406
Larsen B: 1778-9701-9941

ChrisBravoTown: 1719 - 4089 - 3962

Ingy: 2165-5078-5437

Devdas: 3067-5839-5743

tyagi: 3368 - 1786 - 5896

DoctorEgo: 0387-9624-9501

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You should add a friend's code list to the first post.

Mine is 2638-1655-9967.

Only HR1 atm but probably going to be sticking mostly to online. Usually go with the hammer.

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Made a start on HR1 quests, should hopefully start doing HR2 tonight.

I've added everyone listed in the opening post. My friend code is 3067-5839-5743

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