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VOG Trophy Run - No deaths on normal Friday 10:30pm


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I fancy going for this trophy as Lyrical and them did.

Any experienced players fancy giving it a go? If all goes well, it will take about 30 minutes I reckon.

Survival is key!

Can anyone who has done it before post some tips please.

1) Baring - 32 Titan

2) Bobbyinternet

3) Phorce

4) Hesitating Sunsinger - 32 Warlock



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Suchuu! Come back!

As ever - shoot stuff, don't die. Make sure you have your levelled VoG weapons with you for oracles.

You can't afford to have anyone die (and people can't quit / re join either), so make sure you're covering the oracles properly, and stay out of trouble during the Templar - if everyone hangs around near the Relic holder they can get cleansed if you miss an oracle. Ideally the Relic guy will be situated near the back, hovering between the left and right boss oracles. You can probably keep one guy up top to help with oracles.

Jumping section - take your time to ensure you don't bump people off, or get bumped off.

Gatekeepers - same as ever - make sure you're on top of the enemies. Shout for assistance if you're struggling. Chipping down the left (Mars) Gatekeeper to almost no health, killing the right one (Venus) then heading back to the left for the second Relic makes life easier for those dealing with the central conflux.

Atheon - make sure you pick up that bloody Relic! Get the non Relic holders to lend a hand with the Praetorian before the oracles spawn.

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Cool so we have 4 at the mo. (bobby and hesistating sunsinger, what are you GTs?)

2 spots left anyone, ideally need a few titans to defend with blessings of light.

I'm so scared about the jumping section, i've got it nailed now but I bet i fall :(

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We didn't do it, we got to the Gorgons but the whole experience was fantastic and great fun. Can't wait to try again 1030 and have a good laugh with everyone at nearly dying.

I think the group is full tonight but I will let you know if someone can't make it from the original group.

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