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The Sega Dreamcast appreciation thread


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3 hours ago, Colonel Panic said:

So many good memories of playing PSO online. It was brilliant coop fun. I miss my PSO friends.


3 hours ago, Major Britten said:

After recently starting Phantasy Star Online 2, a couple of days ago I went back and played the DC original and have already racked up 10 hours play time in two days, the game looks absolutely stunning on an OLED, the music brought back a lot of memories and the game is still as addictive as ever. I’ve really struggled to get into PSO2 so far and it’s nowhere near as fun or addictive as the original.

I also fancied some PSO after having the Dreamcast out recently. I cheated and booted up PSO Blue Burst on PC. The Ephinea server is still fairly well populated, although I must admit I’ve mostly played on my own. 

I also cheated and played Rez on a modern format, but that will always be a Dreamcast title in my mind. 

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Well there are servers online for I think most games, even the original in game websites are being reuploaded and able to add new content. If you do a search you’ll find people have set times to play games and even pso has a small Player base actively still playing.

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16 hours ago, Klatrymadon said:

Enjoy Triggerheart Exelica! I was umming and ahhing over that copy - it's a great game with a really fun, knockabout scoring mechanic (grab an enemy and Giant Swing them back into their pals) as well as lots of caravan-style secret bonuses, etc.

Definitely the collector in me bought that as I have it on the Xbox but… it’s one of those games I associate so much with the Dreamcast much like Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Rez etc, that it feels a bit off playing it elsewhere, so having it on the Dreamcast feels right. 

Loving Fast Striker, when I moved from Dreamcast to 360 years ago Last Hope had been hyped up then panned so I kind of ignored anything NGDEV made and let them pass me by as I was no longer a Dreamcast owner. Definitely should look up a few more of their games NeoXYX looks tasty if a bit pricey! Shane they are no longer around, the homebrew scene could do with a few more devs like them. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

So... I didn't really appreciate the DC "back in the day". I've got myself developer mode on my Series S and one of the systems I'm wanting to catch up on is the Xbox prequel Dreamcast. 


However, a lot of its big hitters seem to have been re-released in the PS360 generation. 


What's worth playing that hasn't been released since? What's worth playing despite having been released since? 

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Typing of the Dead

Cosmic Smash


Super Magnetic Neo

House of the Dead 2

Confidential Mission


And there's a few 2d shooters too, but the best ones are fucking impossible really unless you're amazing at them, Border Down, Mars Matrix and Ikaruga are great, but if you cared, I'm guessing you'd already have them! 


And when all else fails - Powerstone.

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To add to the above , 4 Wheel Thunder, Hydro Thunder and Rush 2049 are great arcade racers. The former is exclusive and the latter two are leagues ahead of the N64 versions. Blue Stinger is well worth a go, especially once you hit the Christmas market. I really like Virtua Fighter 3tb and that's the only home port as well. Fighting Vipers 2 is a great port of a poor sequel but you might enjoy it. King of Fighters 99 Evo has an amazing soundtrack and 3D backgrounds that actually blend pretty well with the sprites. So many good games on Dreamcast! 

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I've got a MODE in my Saturn, but just a boggo GDEMU in the DC. Very happy with it - £36 off Aliexpress with a very good plastic cover thing replacing the GD ROM. I expected a 3D print but no, it's injection moulded :)


Really just posting to say I've got an R7 on the way :o


So if anyone wants my fully loaded DC, hit me up! I'll post specs in a bit. 


The R7 isn't perfect, or boxed, but was a good price! 






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  • 2 weeks later...

R7 arrived yesterday! It had a few scuffs, but nothing that really bothered me. 








Still, I buffed them out with brass wadding (after testing on an inconspicuous area, obvs) and it worked a treat! The one in the top left corner was very deep so it's left behind a shiny patch, but still far preferable to a white scuff mark :)


GDEMU not arrived yet, but it has new pico-style PSU, battery holder and resettable fuse mods done, now. I also retrobrited the buttons as they were piss-yellow. 





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1 hour ago, ianinthefuture said:

You could try a magic eraser on those scuffs, they worked wonders on the haul of foisty DCs I picked up earlier this year.


Foisty! Nice. But yeah, magic sponges are a tool in my arsenal (ho ho). They are a bit more abrasive again than the wadding though, so I tend to use them for stubborn ink marks (pen, sharpie) or dings that have driven paint or dirt well into the plastic. Good shout though! :)


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5 hours ago, Down by Law said:

Bit late now but next time try using a Q-Tip with a bit of lighter fluid or cleaning alcohol on it, it usually shifts anything with a bit of back and forth without leaving a glossy mark


Congrats on the R7, it looks lovely. 


These are kind suggestions, but I'm really well versed in all this work, I promise :D


These weren't scuffs removable by solvents/alcohol and cotton buds, I tried those first; they needed greater levels of abrasion.


The result is excellent, by the way. You really have to work it around in the light to see the slightly more glossy bits :)



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