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What on Earth! racing and level building - Closed beta (from the devs of 1000 Heroz)

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Hello rllmuk!

With a written permission of the committee, I'm here to present our upcoming game and looking for beta-testers.

I'm Jari from Traplight Games, and we are the developers of 1000 Heroz, an iOS game published by RedLynx with 1000 days of tournaments. I remember rllmuk from those times, there was some of you playing it and since our upcoming game shares a lot of similarities with that game, I came knocking.

In What on Earth! aliens start testing stuff they see on our TV shows (like Monster Trucks, Teleports, Exploding Barrels). You research new items, build your own tracks and drive and test stuff made by others, as well as compete in tournaments etc. The beta is completely free, you can not spend money - we just want to see what you can do with editor and get some real competition to the Leaderboards.

Here's a quick trailer of the action:

And a little bit longer feature with me yabbering about the game:


So if you are interested, here's the link to the sign-up page.


We'll be sending the invitations in batches, first one maybe even during the weekend but latest on monday. We are starting off with iOS, but Android should follow at some point.

There's a lot of known issues in the menu structure and player progression and we are going to revamp all the menus, but the main things Playing and Track Creation are good to try out. So come try them out!

I'll be hanging around in here so if you have any questions or comments, just shoot.




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Hello, one of the Traplight's team members here. Thanks for signing up! We sent out a new batch of invitations just now, so those who have already signed up will get to play soon. We're looking forward to hear your comments on the game. In the meanwhile, if you guys have any questions, just bring them on. We're here to answer!

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Downloaded and tried this morning. A heavy Motoheroz vibe here. Not sure I'm going to play it much if the current limits on retrying levels without waiting for recharges stays - the whole point of games like this is that if you mess up a jump, you can instantly restart, not limited by having to think about how many restarts you've had so far. Still, It took me half an hour of playtime to reach that point.

I'd much rather spend a couple of pounds upfront to try as many times as I want.

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I hear you. We had a long discussion about the restarts this morning and we will try different things with them. We want to try to create different kinds of gameplay in the different "modes" - in Tournaments there should a way to keep on restarting, but in Adventure mode we treat the Tracks more consumable so that people don't necessarily need to get stuck honing their time.

All this is still very much under development, and we devour all the feedback so keep on feeding us!

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Hi Hiipi,

Really enjoying this - I'm not a massive iOS gamer I play in short spurts usually and can't complain about the restarts so far as I've had no problem and haven't hit any walls. So far the only problem I've had is a couple of error messages loading levels where it has said it has been unable to contact the server but hitting "retry" has fixed it first time on the 3 or so occassions it has occurred.

I will leave this feedback on the beta forums - just quickly though I love the physics and fluidity and the ridiculous ease with which levels can be built. Great stuff so far :)

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Yeeaaaaah Xevious, that is kind of a bummer. You do need internet connection for the time being constantly, but we are looking into adding some offline features as well (like Level Creation). So yes, the tube is not ideal... I played all of my 1000 Heroz levels in bed, just before trying to fall asleep. I can recommend it, gives you a nice hectic fighting spirit - there's nothing like that to go to bed with! Epic dreams.

And Yoshimax - I'm #1 at your level! (Ruusberi)

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Hello everyone! We got some news for you smile.gif

An update for the beta is out.

The update (Beta 1.5.0 - Client version 7) includes bugfixes, everyplay support (not yet supported in the editor mode) and more missions!

We still have slots available for those who want to join the beta, so here's once a again the sign up link for those who are interested:


Here's an example video that was recorded by our CEO Riku. Look at him go!


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  • 6 months later...
What on Earth! is back with a brand new version!

Hello everyone, we have some great news! After months of intense developing, Traplight Games is now proud to present you a brand new What on Earth! gaming experience, based on the feedback given by You, our beta testers. Check out the list below, and sign up for the beta if you got interested.


What on Earth! - New Features

  • Vehicle upgrades: Upgrade each of your vehicles to drive faster, higher and stronger than ever before.
  • Vehicle boosts: Unlock and use boosts to help you beat obstacles and find missing stars.
  • Renting vehicles: Rent the vehicle of the level creator and get past those tricky tracks.
  • Brand new UI: Scroll through the alien planet and try new stuff as it comes along your own personalized path.
  • New Energy Mechanics: Restart and try a level as many time as you want!
  • New Characters: Get help along the way from three new alien characters.
  • Built-in FAQ's and Help: Learn more about the game or contact us with an easy chat message
  • ...and more features will be announced later so stay tuned!


If you are an old beta tester, you should have received your invite to download the game already. If you are new want to become a tester for What on Earth!, please contact us here with a private message and let us know the email you want your invite to be sent. You can also send us email to beta@traplightgames.com or sign up here: http://bit.ly/WoE_beta


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Does it still require a constant Internet connection to be able to play it? That's why I gave up after a few days before.

Hi Xevious, it does require constant internet connection, yes. There are so many elements in the game that need to be fetched from the servers, that making an offline version is virtually impossible. Hopefully your connection situation gets better in future. So many games games these days require internet connection really. But maybe give our game another go nevertheless? :)

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