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PS+ February (Feb 4th): Apotheon, Transistor (PS4) Thief, Yakuza 4 (PS3), Kick and Fennick (Vita) Rogue Legacy (All)

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I think you'll find I led first with the eShop threads ;)

Anyway, missed Thief in the other thread. Suppose, if my sub is still valid by then, I might give it a poke.

Rogue Legacy is great, for those who haven't played it yet.

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RL is fantastic but you really do have to persevere. I had some strong encouragement to keep at it early on which was good advice, but without it I might well have given up. It's probably more like Isaac than Spelunky, despite being side-on - it's brutal at first but it gets easier very gracefully. It's also a bastard of a one-more-go game because with every death there's a reason to dive back in.

It'll be nice to have it on the PS4. Throw in Transistor, Thief and Yakuza and if the other one turns out to be rubbish, who cares? Great month. Must download Prototype 2 tonight, though.

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Rogue Legacy isn't as good as Spelunky, the main reason being that you are forced to pick between three characters each time you play, and often none of them will be characters you want to choose, and then you're in the game. Obviously you can kill yourself if you really want to but why is there no reroll button? Or why I can't just make my own character? There's enough randomisation already. Also the sword swipe animation is unsatisfying. Other than that 8/10.

Edit - I seem to recall that there's an upgrade to reroll once. But only once. It's still too limiting.

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