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Bone, VoG, Normal, N00bs! Sat 10pm GMT

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Wish I could make it although I have a lot of experience at the vault of glass from playing on PS4.

I managed to do a sneaky atheon checkpoint from destiny lfg today and got the Vision of Confluence for completion.

I'll wait till those who havent played through have had a go at it though as it seems yous would prefer to go in blind anyway.

I remember when I did and it was epic but it takes a lot of time commitment and determination to figure it out with no knowledge, also you are best being at least 27, once you get a certain distance in the enemies become level 28 and it becomes tedious if you cant kill them.

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I will hopefully have a lvl 32 Warlock friend with me but he's never done the raid. His GT is LODKongol88 if you want to add him.

Have added him in Swallow.

Let's jump on a 10pm, if we can't make the numbers we can try at another time but we might be able to get critical mass then. I've got a friend trying to get back but might not make it until 11pm

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I could do 10 til midnight tonight. Incidentally, I've just seen this thread and watched the video: http://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/2udnmv/fastest_hard_mode_vog_world_record_w_no_cheese/

I reckon we should be able to do the part we were stuck on and the Oracles without too many problems. This will at least get us a loot drop even if we don't beat the Templar.

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That was hard work but fun. Deffo up for more, cheers for the invite. :)

I think I need to do some bounties to upgrade my Bad Juju though, it's pretty under powered at the mo. And a rocket launcher is on my Xur shopping list.

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