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Formula One - 2015 Season


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Webber's said in his book that Red Bull did similar with Vettel; Webber simply drove better at Monaco one year, but they told Seb his car had a slight problem because he was so distraught about being beaten (unless of course Vettel really did have a problem and Webber was lied to about that being a lie to boost his confidence). Anyway, probably a good thing for Rosberg to be told though, as knowing you fucked up what may have been your last serious championship shot must be devastating.

Psychological driver management does seem to be an important part of the sport in all areas though. Eddie Jordan mentioned how they'd lie about making changes to the car after a driver comes in an complains about something they can't fix; clatter about with the spanner for a bit and tell him it will be better on the next lap, then the they go out, knock a second off and say "thanks, great job".

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