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Formula One - 2015 Season


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Holiday over, on with the show.

I’m back, sort of.
Let’s see, I'm a bit out of the loop now. I’ve still not seen the British or Hungarian races yet, which is probably a mistake as they sound like the two best races of the year so far. The results certainly suggest interesting stuff happen in Hungary; Lewis had a bit of a meltdown, Vettel continued to build his “SAVIOUR OF FERRARI” re brand and Redbull got their act together on a track where good handling always pays dividends. I imagine I'll watch them one day but probably not this year.
So, after a four week break the circus returns to Europe for the Belgium Grand Prix.
Not a lot happened during those four weeks to trouble the serious F1 view, even Bernie managed to keep his PR machine under wraps and avoid bad mouthing the sport during the summer holiday.
The teams agreed to limit pit wall involvement in the start of the race, so no ideal clutch settings and no telling the driver where the puddles are. Mercedes are expected to be the big losers here, and at the British GP Williams showed they weren't worried in the slightest.
Honda said they'd found a who bunch of speed and were almost as good as Ferrari now, McLaren then said they'd not been planning on using a B spec engine any time. Which suggests the engine now has the horse power is was missing at the start of the year, let's hope they find the reliability to go with it
The expectation was we would hear about Kimi's replacement by the Italian GP if not sooner. The Media have been writing him off since Vettel started winning and the grumpy Fin didn't. Failing to win in Hungary was seen as the last nail in Kimi's career coffin, so any day now he was going to be farmed off to some third rate team to try and offset the money Ferrari would pay Williams for Bottas.
Except, they didn't. ...I know, what a surprise ... or not. It was announced today (Wednesday) that Kimi has been retained for next year at least and I suspect until Bottas or Hulkenberg are out of contract.
Okay then, things to watch this weekend.
Lewis: More madness or level headed points gathering.
Rosberg: What excuse will he use to explain being beaten this time?
Ferrari: Flash in the pan or second coming?
Kimi: Will he be less grumpy now he has a 2016 contract?
McLaren: will they get both cars home and in the points, will the new engine hand together.
Renault: trimmed out for the straight bits, hanging it out on the twisty boys. New shiny engine bits.
Williams: will be looking for a podium at the least here, expect Bottas to be gungho for pole.

Update your predictions before Friday :)
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I went a few years ago and the general admission was great. You can watch from anywhere around the track.

We started on the back straight just at the top of eau rouge until my ears near blew off then headed around to the sweeping bends (I don't know name).

You can walk the track at the end, near the end of the race head to the podium for a decent view.

Jenson won that day so the atmosphere was great.

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Here's the Alonso feature if anyone missed it


I assume he's going to give this years McClaren a viking burial when he gets it. I think Vettel has a similar cause in his contract about getting his race car at the end of every season but I don't think any other driver does.

Whenever I see how plain the McClaren overalls are due to a lack of sponsors on Button and Alonso, I'm always reminded that the number of sponsor commitments was one of the reasons Hamilton left them for Mercedes. It's not so much of a problem now is it.

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Are Mclaren doing ok money wise away from the track? They expanded into supercars but I wonder how that's going. For me, the supercars lack all that makes Ferraris, Lambos, Porshe's and many others exciting. Just so dull and clinical, like the team have been for years before becoming rubbish in addition to that

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