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Formula One - 2015 Season

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"Lewis, how would you compare this victory to that of Alberto Ascari in the 1953 Swiss Grand Prix?"

Sebastian, you are now the third German to win a Grand Prix in a Ferrari. The last one was obvious, but who was the first?!

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I desperately need sleep. I got so caught up in playing Destiny and Madden 15 overnight that I suddenly realised the clocks had changed and decided that I might as well stay up.

Instead of that, I am off for a pint and a burger. Good times.

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It's good that somebody can take the fight to Mercedes, but why did it have to be the finger!

So how long until Horner is crying about Ferrari having to be pegged back? Seems Red Bull have just built a shit car. :lol:

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Just saying but... Maybe no Newey is better than partial Newey. Maybe they need fresh blood - someone to usher in a new era.

Must be hard to lead with half an eye on the door. F1 is not a part time pastime.

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Conspiracy theory incoming... Get your tin hats ready.

If you were Merc, another crushing win right now is not what you need. The calls for equalisation will build. The FIA will feel more compelled to act eventually. You are shooting yourself in the foot. So what do you do?

Was it a dodgy tyre strategy or an easy way to give away the win but also secure 2nd and 3rd constructors points? Take the heat out of a conversation that could in the long run cost you £ and advantage.

Notice how much Ferrari are being talked up as title rivals by Merc?

If they used their tyres better throughout the weekend I think it would have been another 1-2. Do I think they did the above? I can't say, but I dunno. The more I think about it something is a bit fishy. Niki and Totto didn't seem too down in the dumps.

Look at the advantage in Aus. It was mental. Here they lost by 10 seconds.

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Sure, but Ferrari have been fast all weekend. And in testing their times were there or there abouts. Don't forget, kimi was at the back of the field as the safety car went in and came home fourth. On hot fast circuits, they'll be pushing merc all the way.

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I agree that they were fast. But to make up the deficit in Aus and win by a margin... It's highly unlikely but I do likes me sum teh consiparaceh!111 nonsense.

The best bit about donning a tin hat in times like this is that sometimes the fiction becomes truth.


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Great race, the safety car and everyone on different strats meant for some great overtaking. Really good to see Ferrari winning again and surprised myself that I didn't mind it was Vettel.

Impressed again with the TR newbies, funny to see them ahead of RBR. How long is Alolnso's McLolren contract?

Hopefully this isn't a one off and this continues, would be great to see Kimi win a few!!

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It’s the return of the red menace and this time its got a finger to wave around !
Some of you clearly had more faith in Ferrari than i did !!
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Great driving again with Max and Carlos, poor strategy from Mercedes. Using up medium tyres in Q1 hurt them in the race.

But you have to hand it to Seb and Kimi. Not only was the Ferrari fast, but they both got a lot out of the harder tyre. That chassis is obviously better for tyre deg.

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