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Crota - normal - Mon 2nd and Tue 3rd

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edit: post updated later in the thread with Sundays fireteam.

1. stebbo

2. df0

3. Soi

4. Markh

5. supermboy

6. Van (place held, TBC)

8.30 start as normal. I don'd mind starting a little later now we can run it so quickly. Let me know if you'd like to change.

I'll be on from 6.30, so if anyone wants to run the NF etc - count me in.

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Rattlehead and marmite - I'd image we have Soave yes as we don't all have alts. I'm only going to run bounties tonight as the gf needs the tv, but will be up for NF tomorrow and the raid at a time that suits all involved.

Can I suggest a raid time of 430 Sunday? No worries if not, it's a starting point...

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Guys, could we push back to 7?

My excuse for not making 5pm involves a 5 year old learning about China next week at school and my wife suggests taking to take her to the local Chinese.

If not 7, could do earlier in the day or later. Sorry to mess about.

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