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Supergirl - TV series


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Look at all these people mad they've made something for teen girls instead of 30-something comic book nerds!

Jokes on you, teen girls are all into comic adaptations and superhero movies these days.

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There's some awful music and it's overused. And it doesn't seem like a temp track. Her voice-over at the start was awful amateur shite. She's not all that good at acting in general after that either. Effects are good enough though.

Winn looks more like he wants her as a beard than an actual girlfriend.

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No cheesy music in the pilot itself and the 'office' stuff was (aside from about a couple of short moments and an extension of one scene) pretty much only what was in the trailer.. The cast is generally good.. and she's a very likable lead.

Effects were impressive (the initial Krypton zoom-in shot aside where things don't line up) the plane sequence is superbly done and there's plenty of scenery getting trashed during fights.

There's a few clunky bits (especially the couple of 'she's a girl'/'she's ~only~ a girl' bits we really shouldn't still have to be doing) but that shouldn't last long as she'll have proved herself soon enough..

The only thing that seemed a little disappointing was how similar to The Flash pilot & overall setup it felt..

Not just one but two potential supervillains in her immediate life - Hank Henshall being The Cyborg and Winn being The Toymaker which parallels with Thawne and Killer Frost on Flash..

Both Kara and Barry and very earnest, honest and naive so there was quite a similar feel to the production..

Given how great The Flash has turned out though - I'm certainly prepared to give this a try.

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