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Club Nintendo's closing down (NEW: Goodbye Coin now available, 2000 Stars)

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Oh man...

Current balance: 2100

Total Stars earned since registration: 8570

Never claimed a single item so that's 6470 expired stars! Ah, I guess it was so worth me filling out all those lovely surveys. :(

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I'm holding out for the Club Nintendo coin. It better only be 1000 points like the Luigi one.

I'm sitting on 11,500 points whilst waiting for this.

It had better be mounted upon a red cushion in a lavishly produced mushroom or ? block.

And cost approximately 11,500 points.

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Ah I've linked my account, i only had 750 stars so it should bring me upto 1500. Annoying, i have loads of star codes but they dont work (bayo 2, captain toad etc). Really crap! (oh and thats excluding the 5000 stars i had before they deleted them).

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Nah, go to the website and try to log in, and it gives you the option to log in with your NNID

Yeah, it now lets you log into Club Nintendo with your NNID. Before they were linked but only for purchases, now the logon is unified.

Anyway, I've now got 11750 points. What the fuck do I buy.

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