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Rllmuk assaults iron banner... Sunday evening


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Anyone who's on iron banner tonight, let's make some Fireteams and get schooled in how to use shotguns and fusion rifles. Should be fun :) add your names and we can get everyone together and make a couple (or more depending on numbers) of teams. If Rusted Lands comes up tonight I'm ragequitting

Muz (thekunjer)

My bro (khurrumc)

Baz (on around 10)








We'll be doing crota before around 8.30ish if anyone fancies it (only need to kill Crota)

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Urrgh, had a bad time doing the Bad Juju bounty solo yesterday on my hunter. No Titan shield and terrible teams made it bit if a slog. Doesn't help I don't have a decent auto rifle that is 300+.

If you have a spare slot to kill Crota I would not mind having a crack at a good rocket launcher again, as long as a level 30 is good enough. Proved more of an issue in IB, especially as I kept forgetting which super I had. Jumping into a crowd of enemies and popping golden gun does not end well.

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Lemme guess - You started winning when I left!

Was so frustrating. I don't think the MIDA scout rifle is any good for PVP. Need to get a decent auto-rifle. Someone in that last game was taking me out with one in a second. I'd hit three headshots in a row but be killed before the fourth.

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