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Shogun Assassin - Film 4 right now!

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I remember me Dad having it in black bin bag under the stairs with an X drawn in marker pen on the front. That and Q The Winged Serpent and other video nasties.

Did the films only go as far as Itto offing the last heir of the bad guy? That's only half way through the manga iirc.

@gerbik - nice. Probably explains why my hip hop fiend friend loved LW&C as well.

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@gerbik - nice. Probably explains why my hip hop fiend friend loved LW&C as well.

Definitely. The entire album is like that from start the finish, lots and lots of long (and extremely atmpsheric) samples from Shogun Assassin tie the whole album together into a cohesive whole. The entire thing is on spotify so check it out if you liked that one track, or at the very least check out another track with a very recognizable sample from halfway through the album:


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All six LW&C movies were released on Region 1 DVD about 10 years ago. I still have mine and would highly recommend them. There may be Bluray versions now.

Shogun Assassin was parts of the first two movies edited together, dubbed and rescored with that awesome music for the American market.

I would also thoroughly recommend the three Hanzo the Razor movies if you can track them down. They star the brother of the guy who played Ogami Ito in LW&C. His interrogation methods are.... different.

EDIT: Here we go



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