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Forza Motorsport 6

Mr Do 71

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Morning all


If somebody could  answer the following it would be much appreciated :-


forza 6, I tried to set up a private match but it kept returning an error ‘unable to allocate server’? Is the online still available? 

Also the reason I wanted to set up a private match is so that my brother and I can race the ai together (online), is this possible as I was disappointed to see they dropped the feature in Forza 7?


thanks in advance 

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3 hours ago, ryodi said:

No because each car has a different paint colours available and liveries. It’s the same in all Forza games and they keep dumping you back to the main menu after you buy the car as well so any filter you use is gone as well.

Oh, I hadn't thought of that. One by one it is! 

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Don't do what I did - I saw Porsche as a tab when I fired up FM6, so assumed it all sorted itself out after I bought the complete DLC pack. Nope, there's now 50+ things installing from the store, now I've set it going. I don't have auto updates on, so that's probably why. 


Edit - 104 things queued. I must have bought less for this game than I realized. 

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3 minutes ago, ryodi said:

It queues everything in the bundle even if you already have it downloaded. When the queue gets to the part of the DLC you already have it skips it.

Yeah, it only skipped Nascar. It's doing everything else, by the looks of it. 

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