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Forza Motorsport 6

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done 2 of the endurance races so far and they're pretty good though once ahead its just a super long hot-lap but for some reason i can't seem to get a clean lap, althogh it never actually tells me i have a dirty lap even when i go off, i think for some reason its counting every single lap as dirty by default (i had no mods enabled)

2 hours into my 3 hours on sebring in the wet i started to feel the "drag" however. i noticed theres a few bugs that occur regarding the rewind feature when you get about 15-20 laps in, it stops showing you the "rewind" and just cuts back to a point, sometimes in the middle of braking zones or in more extreme cases a whole lap back. other times you press y constantly to rewind and nothing happens at all, which after looking at the forza forums seems to be a problem where you can't rewind when the AI is in the pits.

also the refuelling seems a bit strange, not refuelling itself but the amount of laps you can get out of a car. did 82 laps of sebring and had to pit once every 10-11 laps depending on if was trying to conserve fuel with short shifting and coasting etc.

did a more reasonable 40 laps on road atlanta today in GT3 cars and only had to pit once on the 21st lap, but struggled around the last 9 laps or so with broken suspension, wearing tires and a dodgy front right brake and managed to guide it home for the victory. only took about an hour and there's a decent selection of cars to use for that particular race, i opted for the "#35 Black Falcon SLS AMG GT3"

http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/SnoopZaka/video/10814107 had a bit of an off 7 laps in but escaped with no damage and still in 1st place. may bump the difficulty up next time, but i fear M. Rossie will run away with it. i would disable rewind completely but i'm not sure i'm man enough particularly with damage on :D

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I'm in the Forza thread, I only own a Bone, I have no interest in real simulators or real simulator users. I love my Forza games, the sole reason I still game. I stand by my original statement as an xbox gamer. If someone responds to my posts with "what utter rubbish", then tears me a hole over something I didn't say then I'm justified in telling them to do one.

Back on topic this game is brilliant no matter what the simulator/ real driving games players say.

Well shit, if that's not a reason to never play a Forza game again, here's hoping Microsoft can the series.

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Boozy I've been trying and failing to hear your Rio Ford GT rivals time :) you really nail that second half of the lap.

All my times have an exclamation mark after the time, even when I've done a totally clean lap. Any ideas?

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all the assists STM ABS TCS help a lot. Go into corners a lot slower, and it'll turn far more responsively, don,t go full on the gas until you know you have a clean line out.

Edit I see you've beaten my time with auto gears, you'd smash it with manual. Dropping a gear and using that to brake makes a massive difference. Learn manual gears would be my main advice. It adds to the immersion a hundredfold.

Watch the big left downhill after the mountain section isn't cut too much. Dirtying a lap on the last section will dirty your next lap automatically.

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Everyone at the moment is using the glitched Mazda rx-3 (well its not the car that's glitched its something to do with 4 wheel drive drivetrain swaps and differential settings and gear ratios I think) it seems like youll have to join them to keep up. You can Download one of their tunes from the lobby user list and apply it to your car pretty easily.

Auto gears will slow you down though

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spotted this buried in the patch notes:

· Added ability to order the grid by the previous best lap in Multiplayer. This change will be rolled out in the more competitive lobbies first

There we go- we can run qualifying for online races.

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Patch notes.

Free car for everyone


2015 Infiniti Q60

What’s not to appreciate about a two-door coupe with more than 300 hp and rear-wheel drive? Not much if you are talking about the Infiniti Q60. That horsepower comes from a twin-turbo V6 and at full boost you better hang on tight. The Q60 is the successor to the G37. The G37 – although plenty fast – was a bit heavy. The Q60 addresses its weight issues with aluminum and carbon fiber components. This sporty yet extremely comfortable car is just as ready for a leisurely weekend drive as it is to be thrown into a backwards-entry slide as your new favorite drift ride. Sleek, and well-appointed, yet still discreet in its appearance, the Q60 is ready to take on similarly-classed German coupes anytime, anywhere.

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That's a good update considering the game hasn't been out that long, looks like they've addressed all the major gripes unless I've missed something.

In other news I did my 1st endurance race last night, 8 laps of Green Hell. I chose the wrong car, the wrong drivatar level and ditched all the mods and came last (about 40 seconds behind 2nd last) but it was still glorious.

I can't wait to do more of them. Got a ton of credits and XP and jumped about 3 levels, even coming last. My wrists were crippled though.

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seems like a very good patch, everything i've noticed in my time playing it appears to have been addressed so no complaints, also a leaderboard wipe of the glitchy cars. think they did that before in an older forza too.

maybe one thing which remains to be seen if they fixed, which is the inability to get a clean lap with certain mods that don't affect your cars grip/power/weight/braking in any way, such as using the grid modifier that lets you start a few places higher on the grid at the start, when using that i can't put in a clean lap for the duration of the entire race

also here's a random gem from looking at the forza forums

#1 Posted : about 14 hours ago
I mean, for slower cars and lower classes it's bearable, but I'm running an R class race in Career on this track and oh my God. It's completely absurd. I don't know if they run races like this on that track in real life, but if they do surely it isn't this ridiculously rough.

That was no fun at all. Lol.


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