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Tuesday 6th - Crota, 8ish. PLACE OPEN


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Who's up for running through Crota on Tuesday night? I'm no adverse to cheesing the first section, but happy to it properly.

It still takes us a while, so a figure an early start is good.

Stock up on heavy ammo synthesis for the final section.

1. Stebbo

2. Vanaway

3. Markh

4. berties

5. df0

6. Cueball

I'd also be keen on starting a regular Tuesday team. If you're up for this, make it known!

Edit: second team added.

1. Soi


3. Supermboy

4. K

5. supernintendo64

6. Moodmon

It would be great to get one player with invisibility on each team if poss.

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Didn't realise we were supposed to finish this last night. Got an invite from Stebbo when I logged on, about 10pm, but I was due to nightfall - sorry buddy.

Not sure how much time I'm going to have to finish it this week during normal people hours.

Ran it again with another character later that night. Only took about 35 minutes all in so I'll come loaded with tips for next week.

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