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Film adaptations you'd love to be made

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Seems like every couple of years, someone asks James Cameron about that in interviews, and he replies that he's still planning to do it after he's finished with the Avatar movies.

Then he goes and announces another Avatar sequel.

At some point he said he wouldn't make it until he could have the main character be completely CGI in a cast of humans without it being noticeable. Originally the Avatar project started as a test for BAA as well. I don't know whether he'll ever get around to it but I'd really like them to make a proper anime series if the movie is going to get stalled forever.

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War of the Worlds - a version that is very faithful to the original book, in location (London) and time.

The Speilberg version was disappointing, but not a travisty. The special effects where incredible, but the disappointment lay in how faitful the ending was to the book. I never thought audiences would go for that, and that this was the reason why they changed it to modern day and into the US of A.

To have changed the locations, circumstance, time period and some of the events, and yet stay faithful to the orignal books ending was a bit depressing. Speilberg should of just done the book, lock stock,

I doubt in my lifetime this film with ever be remade, although the rate of Hollywood runs out of ideas before recycling them again keeps me optomistic.

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Out of films not-yet made, I would still like to see The Dark Knight Returns to be made into a film, or two, Maybe when Bale's a bit older, Nolan can return to it?

Also, would like to see an animated version of Chris Ware's "Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth" book, with the main character voiced by the best Hollywood actor currently working today, Paul Giamatti.

If you have never seen this (comic) book, it is simply a thing of (ugly) beauty.



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When Jodorowsky was preparing Dune he put together a massive book of drawings and storyboards to try and sell the film to US producers. Moebius did the storyboards and I think Chris Foss did the cover. It features a lot in the Jodorowskys Dune documentary. It's about the size of two phonebooks and looks incredible. There was only a few copies printed.


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