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Amiibo by Nintendo


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Why am I getting them? Because I Iove Nintendo characters. I'm not really bothered about Mario or Luigi ones; but more interesting characters like Samus, Shulk, Lucario, Captain Falcon.. Little statues of them are cool as fuck.

They're nicely made and look great. The fact that they do stuff in games is a bonus. Yes, they're overpriced - but I'm a weak fool of a manchild

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See, look at this. The 'fucksake' indicates that he doesn't really want to be buying these things but he's swept up in the craze and can't help himself. The idea that he might not be able to get them if he doesn't buy them now is what's pushed him over the edge. If there were millions of these things readily available he'd probably leave it, think about it some more and maybe he might pick up one or two at some point in the future, if at all. The way it is, he's bought five. If Nintendo continue in this manner, always drip feeding, they can keep the craze going as long as they want thereby always selling out for as long as they can keep it going which might be 2 or 3 years. (yes I know what I've done with that sentence) That's how they'll sell more in the long run. It also circumvents any issues of overstocking and retailer returns etc.

Thanks shirubagan, you can step off the couch now.

For what it's worth, those are all pre-orders. Soooo...

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Is the Pikachu one hard to get hold of?

Pikachu seems fairly easy to get hold of at the moment - It's instock in loads of places (Amazon, Game, Tesco Direct)

It seems Wii Fit Trainer and Marth are the ones to look out for - The Villager keeps appearing instock more than the others (Even if it does sell out very quickly!)

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