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Amiibo by Nintendo


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I want a wooly Yoshi too & I like how it's implemented in the game, so I was hoping for a bundle. I get all my Amiibo's from Amazon though, & all they have at the time of writing is the game itself, no wooly Yoshi's or bundles.

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So am I right in thinking that the only way to have got a Splatoon amiibo was to have been online during the random half hour they were available the other day?

If so, and they unlock anything other than costumes or other cosmetic fluff, then FFS Nintendo.

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Last time I tried with Smyths they didn't open them up to online orders till the actual day of release (and they immediately went unavailable). That was the very limited King Dedede and Meta Knight though so might be a bit different in general

Yeah, that's what I was expecting would probably happen which is why I wasn't going to rely too heavily on them if I could avoid it.

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Bunch of the May/June waves are up for preorder on Shopto.

Nothing for me really; did toy with the idea of either Ganondorf or Zero Suit Samus but I just prefer the 'toy' style ones rather than the more figurine-y ones.

Did plump for the Splatoon and Squid pack though.

How do you combine shipping cost when pre-ordering from Shopto though? I pre-ordered 3 items, but I have to pay for p&p for each item individually.

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Does anyone know if the Wooly Yoshi Amiibos are more expensive?

I preordered all 3 direct from Amazon de, and they were like 20 Euro each before shipping.

Thought it was a lot. I've had that before with Amazon though, they tend to reduce the price eventually. One Amiibo I ordered from the UK site was £17 direct from them, later reduced to £10.85.

EDIT: Also good to see GAME have plenty of stock this morning. Restricting to one per customer AND this time, no international delivery. That £14.99 price tag though, hope that doesn't become the norm.

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After the newly announced figures, I only make it 7 Smash characters to go, correct?

- Mii Fighters

- Falco

- R.O.B

- Mr Game & Watch

- Duck Hunt

- Lucas

- Mewtwo

Interestingly, Game have Lucas and Mewtwo up despite not being announced officially yet.

Hopefully that will be an end to the waves every month, and we'll only get Amiibo when a new big game comes out. Which will certainly help the wallet.

Bowser Jr, Olimer, Yarn Yoshi and Pac-man still unavailable. :(

Tempting to buy a Ganondorf or a rarer type like Palutena / Greninja to sell on to cover costs, but no way of knowing which will end up rare and I guess it's ethically unsound - but in 4 months when Palutena's are fetching £200 on ebay I'll be kicking myself...

On the plus side, anyone after a Splatoon amiibo - they're freely available on Game and Shopto now!

Pac Man, been and gone in most places I'm afraid. Haven't seen the others listed on a UK site yet.

You do what you want though mate, it's an expensive hobby this, if you can help yourself ease the burden, don't let anyone stop you.

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This whole thing is bloody insane... If it's now resorted to people having to get up at 3am to ensure a pre-order something has gone very very wrong!

I think the Amiibo situation is actually a bit of an own goal for Nintendo, I'd have been quite happy to buy most of them over a prolonged period of time, but the £60 a month investment needed to keep up is just nuts.. Especially when coupled with the limited availability.

As a result I've jumped off the Amiibo train, sold up on most of my purchases so far and just kept the latest Super Mario Collection. Also managed to get all the Splatoon ones pre-ordered which are too good to pass up.

Feels good.

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