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Street Fighter V Champion Edition


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Oh hey it's Mr. Gerbik, hype man extraordinaire. Now all we need is Dave White to post and we're set for week one :-)

Joking aside, I'm exceptionally sad to be missing out but I'm just not prepared to chumpetize myself by buying a console I'll barely use for the sake of a few online matches over the weekend. I'm assuming the Leeds PS4 men all have closer friends than I with whom they'll be sharing their limited time this weekend, so I'm waiting for the PC beta now and trying to learn sf3:3s on fightcade in the meantime. Profound sadness.

Haha, I swear I didn't see this when I posted.

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You need to resurrect your cool arcade stick thread!

I played SF4 so much with my tournament edition stick that I developed RSI really badly. Probably a good thing my stick is for the Xbox 360! (Would modding to work on PS4 be possible?) Will there be an fight pads released for the PS4?

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As far as I'm aware it was random, yeah. Except for the US where it was a pre-order bonus.

I'm languishing on the title screen like most folk on twitter, it seems. I got past it once, and was able to configure my controls (to the default they already were), which was nice. They already have a wee Button Check on there, lighting up when you press the corresponding attack or stick direction, so that's nice.

You can configure your controls quickly just by pressing the button you want you use and it'll flick down to the next attack (rather than scrolling through a list of options for each button like Street Fighter IV before Ultra's patch) so you can just hit lp, mp, hp, lk, mk, hk in sequence and you're ready. One thing I didn't like was that pressing the same button as the one already assigned unbinds it completely. I've no idea why it's implemented that way at the moment.

20 minutes have passed and I've still not been able to select a character. Just slowly failing to connect to the server.

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Character select is my record so far. I picked Ryu, then lost connection. Progress.

And yes, all share button functions have been disabled, an external capture device is the only option for recording / streaming.

Love how they're 'making up' for the beta being a beta and extending the beta.

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The first thing it does when you boot it is tell you recording is disabled. I'd imagine by extension that streaming will be too.


I was hoping I could watch a stream in the background

There seems to be a lot of streams on twitch but no-one actually playing the game


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