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Street Fighter V Champion Edition - Seth Becomes Her

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No uppercuts for the whole set, took SO MUCH Necalli abuse until he had match point and then bam, EX DP. The composure of the man. That second EX DP that hit I actually called out "DO IT AGAIN!!!" Yaaaas! Love his persistence with the bushin flip too. Training Machabo to react to it and then messing with ranges and timings just when it counted.

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3 minutes ago, Vemsie said:

Think I'll be rooting for Infexious. 


You should be, he even graced this very forum with a few posts during the SFIV days.


I even took the odd round off him with my fairly scrubby Balrog / Makoto.

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Seemed like a real tough match-up there for Infexious. He was so solid but had to work really hard for the damage, just got squeezed out every time. Never really in doubt, unfortunately. Amazing achievement, though. 


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