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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - Kage (It's Evil Ryu) out now.

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Lovely stuff in there. Kage might not be the most inspired choice but I still think he's a lot of fun and different enough wo be worthwhile. I don't really mind there being shotos/shoto variants as they are the very essence of Streetfighter to me, and even subtle variations on the theme can make for interesting character builds. SFIV had quite a few of them but, as an example, Ryu, Ken and Oni really didn't play much like each other at all in practise despite sharing a number of moves.


Mixed feelings on the patch notes. I wasn't holding out much hope for it but I'm still disappointed we'll have another season of V-Reversals being shit. They are simply not a good option and they don't offer nearly enough for the resources spent. Poor Bonchan trying to get out of Rashid corner hell with Nash only to be grabbed repeatedly was so sad. In the end he had to spend his entire V-Trigger just to live. There was no careful resource management around "should I spend the V-Reversal and risk not having my comeback mechanic?" it was simply "V-Reversals don't work so I guess I'll have to spend the whole thing".


Also I don't know why the developers still think reversal uppercuts are a problem. Does anyone in SFV have any issue keeping their offense going? Is every tournament a mess of mashed DPs with no risk?


Don't back dash, you'll die. Don't uppercut, you'll die even harder. Don't block, it gives you white life and everyone has a command grab. Don't V-Reversal, you'll lose your robbery mechanic and you may get grabbed or die anyway. Don't get cornered or you will die the hardest. But also take the throw every time, even though that will put you in the corner before you know it.


The fact that the above is still the case means it's ultimately the same game no matter what else they do. The corner is death and it's way too easy to get cornered, and a lot of the time the mid screen might as well be the corner anyway. Have you ever seen Gachikun fail to corner his opponent?


On the plus side, some of the low tier character buffs are good and I like some of the other changes they've made too.


Will run through them in bite-size chunks:



Pretty sensible changes all in all. Lower stun, longer V-Trigger gauge and some overall damage/V-meter gain/stun nerfs will weaken but not completely neuter the character. Nerfing his command grab range to better distinguish him from Zangief is an interesting change. If they're actively trying to address the wrongness that is Itabashi Zangief not playing Zangief then it seems to have done the trick as Itabashi has already he said he's switching back. They don't appear to have removed the ability to jump cancel the command grab. Itabashi used this quite effectively at Capcom Cup and I was almost certain they'd remove this. It effectively gives him a throw invincible wake up command grab when he's not supposed to have one. Not a game-breaking issue but one I thought they'd sort. But yeah, overall I think this is a more sensible Abigail, if such a thing can exist.



Again, pretty sensible changes all round. The only issue I have with some of the heavy/crush counter buttons being nerfed via hurtbox changes is that the button priority system still makes it very scary to challenge them with light/medium buttons. Changing EX demon flip slide from +2 on -2 block was a very necessary change. It felt completely insane to me that that move was positive, both in terms of balance and because it *feels* extremely negative but you used to have to hold it. Extra landing recovery on demon flip grab is a welcome change. Demon flip is at such an akward height and angle to deal with in this game and I think all of the follow up options could have done with at least a slight nerf as he can mix you up with quite minimal risk with them. Making V-Trigger air fireball use more of the gauge is very important too as that move is incredibly powerful. Gut feeling is that he'll still be top 5, but that's the nature of the character and the absurd array of tools he has. Also I hate his standing medium kick and was hoping they'd do something with it. It looks very much like a close normal but he uses it for everything. It doesn't feel right to me that any shoto-like character has a stubby knee as one of their best mid range tools. More of a preference thing than a balance issue though I suppose.



They have absolutely nailed this in my opinion. EX knee smash hitting grounded opponents so he can get a set up if he ends his combos with it is exactly what he needed. He had very potent offense already but basically killed his own pressure if he wanted to cash in the damage. It has very deceptive horizontal range and is projectile invincible too, so it gives him a pretty scary option to beat fireballs at mid-range. I also love the change to his v-skill where he can cancel EX moves into it on hit. It's like Hakan's oil now where keeping it topped up as an additional resource for the character will be key to playing him and I think this makes him much more interesting. Also the +5 frame advantage on all the hard hits gives him loads of lovely new combos to tie in with this. Oh, and they've made standing fierce a 9 frame anti-air as well now! The V-trigger 2 toys are fun as well, but he's one of those characters where VT1 is such a big part of what he does it seems mad not to pick it. Can't think what else they could have done for him and yet I don't think they've gone overboard either. Excellent changes.





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Thought I'd check out this seasons changes for myself... 

18.5gb update

Maybe next week :lol:

Modern gaming .... I downloaded an 8gb patch for this last time I wanted a quick go a few weeks ago. A 'quick blast' is a thing of the past. I just wanna play games after work not watch bars fill up

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Wow, a flurry of uploads on Cross Counter TV's YouTube after a year of nothing. Some SFV stuff but notably an Excellent Adventures featuring Gootecks and Justin Wong playing Smash in a darkened room.


Nice to see that Gootecks hasn't disappeared, he was looking burned out as fuck last year.

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I didn't have very high hopes for this video based on the title but I actually agree with everything he says. Nothing especially new but it's presented well with examples from the older games.



One thing I find particularly baffling about the game that he doesn't touch on is that things like increasing pushback, reducing -2/+2 type situations and decreasing the reliance on the encyclopedic knowledge of frame data would make it work so much better online, which was supposed to be such a big focus for them when designing the thing.

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The New Capcom Pro Tour DLC has been announced. Pricey as always (with a cut going to the overall Pro Tour prize money) it offers three costumes (Kage and Sagat plus last year's Capcom Cup winner's costume design, to be announced), a new stage based on SSFIV's Metro City Skyscraper Under Construction, colours for every character and 10k Fight Money. Plus much more (likely just some titles and Fight Money challenges).



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I don't know what Sagat is supposed to be. He looks like Bass from Dead Or Alive.


I wouldn't take Sodom (or the other Final Fight folk) as confirmation of them being playable. Necro is in a stage and I still don't have him :(


Maybe Poison/Roxy being absent is a bigger hint that they may appear this season?

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Sagat was pretty blessed with his default costume I guess, maybe he can't complain if he then gets a dud.


Which stage is Necro in? That passed me by. I thought there was a pattern at one stage of background characters then ending up in the game but I might have completely made that up since I can only think of Alex off the top of my head. Sodom's been so heavily rumoured since the game came out though.

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Some folk have pointed out that the whistle near the end of the trailer might be hinting toward Damnd as the next character. Might make sense since this year is Final Fight's 30th Anniversary and that game was originally called Street Fighter '89.


Also Damnd is from the Dominican Republic so maybe Capcom want to give them representation in Street Fighter since they have a notable active scene and a Capcom Cup winner in MenaRD. 



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Ooh he could have a V-Trigger where he summons goons, or a special move where he throws goons at you like Frank West. Something goon-related.

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On ‎22‎/‎02‎/‎2019 at 12:58, Fuddle said:


it wasnt pretty, but bison is my nemesis.

i honestly never thought this would happen!


Awesome work dude, congratulations ! funnily enough my fight to hit gold was against a Bipson too!

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14 hours ago, Avuncular said:

Are there any world class players that we never see at major tournaments?


I'm sure there still are. Evo Japan has helped with this as there are absolutely loads of high level Japanese players who rarely travel overseas and wouldn't have had any exposure previously. It was funny hearing the commentators at Evo Japan refer to Jyobin as a newcomer, but again it's because he doesn't travel to overseas majors, so in terms of Evo and the Pro Tour he might as well be. Even Gachikun, the current Capcom Cup Champion,  has only relatively recently become a world warrior. He was well known to "in the know"  SF4 players during that game's run but if you only followed the American/European tournament scene he might not have been on your radar. Nemo is one of the fighting game gods, one of the best players to ever do it, but again it's still relatively recently that he's gone full time with it. Throughout much of Punk's total dominance of the Pro Tour circuit, Nemo was wrecking everybody in Japan but his full time job didn't allow him to get to that many majors.  Increasing numbers of sponsored players and more majors in places like the Dominican Republic and other previously under-represented regions are also helping, but even then there are very strong players in places like that who still don't have the resources to travel to majors. If someone like Infexious had the freedom to not worry about "real life" at all and spend all of his time travelling to tournaments he would do a lot of damage.


Then you have excellent players who just don't do the tournament thing for whatever reason. A good SFV example is Shazyy, who is an exceptional Cody player from the U.S. Currently in the top 10 on the online rankings, quite possibly the best Cody player in the world but he has no interest in going to tournaments at all.


So yeah, we're in a better position to see more and more of the hidden gem players than we've ever been, but there will still undoubtedly be hidden killers everywhere that we won't get to see on the big stage.

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7 hours ago, JLM said:

A good SFV example is Shazyy, who is an exceptional Cody player from the U.S. Currently in the top 10 on the online rankings, quite possibly the best Cody player in the world but he has no interest in going to tournaments at all.

What a perfect match between character and player.

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Not sure if this should be in here or the SFIV thread or general fighting games but Excellent Adventures is officially done.



Hey what's up, palaver, it's gootecks,

It's time I got real with you.

I agonized over whether I should write this email for months because it was a decision that not only affected me but involves you.

I realize that I haven’t been transparent with what’s been going on with Cross Counter and Excellent Adventures -- and it’s time I came clean. I owe you at least that much. This is a long email, so pull up a chair and your drink of choice, friend.

I want to give you an update on everything that’s going on...and not going on.

After eight years since Mike and I first put out the first episodes on YouTube, it’s time for Excellent Adventures to come to an end. There are two remaining episodes that need to be released (I guess technically three total since one needs to be redone).  These will be added to the site as they are ready, starting this week.  Later on they will go to YouTube.

I know this is probably not the news any of us wanted to read, and the decision to pull the plug tore me up inside, but I know in my heart’s of hearts that it’s for the best.

Before I go on, I want to thank YOU for your support all these years.

Seriously, it’s because of you that I was able to have some of the best and fun times of my life, and I’m so thankful to have shared these memories with you. We had a really good run, got to travel all over the world, made amazing friends along the way, and of course, had some super salty and hilarious moments. 

I would also like to thank each of the guests we've had throughout the years. Excellent Adventures would not have been what it was without every one of these fabulous people that graced our couch. There are far too many to list, but I want to sincerely thank them for taking the time to be a part of our journey and share in our shenanigans.

And of course, thank you to Capcom for putting out Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter V.

This was a lot of fun and an unforgettable experience, but as they say, all good things must come to an end...to make room for the next thing (more on that below).

I'm sure you're wondering, “But why gootecks, why stop Excellent Adventures?”

This decision did not come easily, but there were many factors that led to it. Let’s start with the biggest one:

Mike Ross is gone, and I owe you an explanation.  

First, there's no drama, no hard feelings. Simply put, Mike decided that he didn't want to do FGC stuff anymore as a whole, and so we parted ways and I wished him the best. He's doing his thing, and I'm sure he knows that we'll always remember the good times. I won’t get into all the details here, but if you’re curious, you can look up his public statements on Google.

Then in the months following Mike's departure, Steve, our long-time producer and editor, also decided to pursue law school. I definitely think it was the right move, and I wished him the best. No hard feelings with him either. (Steve, if you’re reading this, thank you for always being the voice of reason and helping to keep the ship afloat for so long. If it were up to only me and Mike, we would have crashed the entire thing on so many occasions. )  

And I wouldn’t forget Ian. Many thanks to Ian because he was a huge factor in our early success, as he took over production duties and did a fantastic job when Steve needed an extended hiatus. In truth, we could not have done it without you both.  <3

For those of you that no longer wish to follow what I'm doing, I totally understand and appreciate you sticking around long enough to see this message, which brings me to this:

This is not the end of gootecks or Cross Counter.

Aside from the apocalypse and the internet burning down, I won’t be stopped that easily. I’m a Phoenix Cockroach! (inside joke, you wouldn’t understand)

The other reason, as you can probably guess, is that things are different now.

I believe that every good company and creative work has to change and evolve. It’s not always pleasant. But when things get stale, I can tell. You can too, I’m sure, and you deserve better. The last couple sets of episodes with Justin Wong in the Vegas house were a blast to film, but I don't feel comfortable in my ability to properly capture the fun moments. I think part of that is because so much time passed between when the show was active and when we brought it back that I feel like the landscape has changed.

This is starting to sound like a breakup letter now, lol.

I don’t feel the same passion as I did when I first started Excellent Adventure. Rather, what I am passionate about now is to extract all of the experience and knowledge I've accumulated through fighting games and put it into some tangible format that other people can benefit from, both for in-game and out of game subjects.

So what does that mean?

Well it means that with Excellent Adventures coming to an end, I'm freed up to work on other projects that I've been focusing on, and so for the first time I wanted to let you guys know what's coming down the pipe.

What’s next for gootecks!

Since the beginning of 2019, I've been working on livestreaming discussion-style podcasts on Twitch. Yes, podcasts!

For those that aren't aware, producing and hosting podcasts was one of the first types of web content that I did a thousand years ago (2007-2010 or so) in an era where people thought you needed to own an iPod to listen to podcasts. (Yes, I am aware I am an internet fossil.)  

But now I’m taking this to Twitch.

I think that YouTube as a platform has peaked, not saying that it won't always be there, just that I don't really feel that there are too many ways to grow on the platform, both as a person and financially. But most of all, Twitch has the better experience for you, and I can have a lot more fun interacting with you (PogChamp).

I think the way things are likely to go is that the archives of each podcast will be put onto iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and of course, the crosscounter.tv subscription site.  So now let's talk about that.

Existing subscribers will no longer be charged for an excellentadventures.tv subscription but will still have access through the end of March.  They will continue to live on YouTube. If you have any questions or issues about this, please email support@pivotshare.com.

The plan is to continue to do content, but there will be a lot of experimentation! A few new exciting things:

The Untitled Esports Show with Zorine and Slasher, where we talk about what’s going on in the world of esports.

The Content Collective, where me and a guest talk about the ins and outs of creating content.  

I’ll dive more into each of those ideas.

"But gootecks,” you might say, “esports destroyed Mike Ross  and you're part of the Anti E.S.P.O.R.T.S. Esports Club, why do you want to talk about esports?” 

Well, to get a little nerdy, I still think the subject from a business perspective is fascinating. Although I don't agree with everything that's going on in esports, that's no reason that I shouldn't carefully analyze what's going on in the whole space that I am in whether I like it or not. That would be foolish.

So the Untitled Esports Show is a way for me to connect with two old friends on a regular basis and talk about what's going on and keep each other updated with what's going on in our respective esports worlds. Check it out. Here’s a link to the latest episode, so let me know what you think.

The Content Collective is a show about creating content that's intended to be useful and interesting for other content creators like myself. I've only done a handful of episodes so far, but I think it can be a good outlet for me to empty a lot of the content experience I've developed over the years out of my brain which would likely be helpful to people that are looking to get started in web content such as streaming, YouTube videos, ebooks, etc. If that sounds like you, then you DON’T want to miss the first couple episodes.

If none of this sounds like your jam and you’re not interested in hearing old man gootecks talk about anything that's not directly Street Fighter-related -- that's fine, my feelings aren't hurt.  

But I also know that there are people out there (maybe you?) who would find this stuff way more interesting than anything related to the technical elements of fighting games. And though I know there are far less of you out there, you are the ones I'm trying to reach.  

I spent a long time trying to build a big audience, but now I'm happy and content with having a smaller, more focused audience that is interested in growing along with me (and I would be absolutely honored if you decided to join me along for the bumpy ride).

It's been such a long and fulfilling journey, and I truly think that this is the beginning of a new and equally fulfilling era.

It's important to say goodbye to the old phase with respect and look forward to the new with an open mind and excitement.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this Excellent Adventure!

There will soon be more to come. Thanks again for sticking around this long, I appreciate you!





It has been a slow death but it was so entertaining and along with Cross Counter and CPT helped defined the SFIV era.

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Can't believe there's still no new character announcements. With MK around the corner, was hoping Capcom would counter with some new stuff. The field stage is cool but it's not enough for me to boot the game back up. 

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