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5th Generation Muk Raiding Topic - Muklords of Draenor


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You're a gent.

We are preparing to deploy a hotfix next week that will increase the item level of all raid drops from all difficulties of the Blackrock Foundry raid.

The main purpose of this change is to ensure that killing new bosses in the Blackrock Foundry raid feels appropriately rewarding. We are finding that groups coming out of a couple of months in Highmaul could often have an average item level that was just barely shy of the loot dropped by the appropriate difficulty in Foundry. A core part of the experience of progressing through a new raid tier lies in the sense that even if you didn’t manage to kill a particular boss this week, the upgrades your raid group gathered along the way will make things smoother and improve your chances the following week.

This change will be retroactive, affecting existing items that players may have in their possession. Thus, instead of an item level range of 650/665/680/695 for Raid Finder/Normal/Heroic/Mythic Foundry, the loot awarded will now be item level 655/670/685/700 respectively. At the same time, we will be increasing the item level of the new highest-tier crafted and Apexis vendor items by 5, in order to keep their power unchanged relative to the Foundry raid itemization.

That's gonna be a nice buff for lots of of us!

Took them a while to realise a fairly obvious problem (that lots commented on in beta/testing) of the raid model.

Does mean BRF LFR and HM Normal now give same Ilevel though...

Can see a lot of restoration requests for items from BRF DE-ed which are now slighty better than what was currently equipped

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Good stuff last night, nice to finish off Highmaul and I had forgotten just how manic that fight was glad we got it down once I had eventually extended the right lock out! Flamebender seems doable I think the only feedback I had was that ranged need to be better at giving each other room and not edging to close to each other (if it comes to it put the DBM radar right above your characters) otherwise I'm sure we should be able to turn that 7ish percent wipe into a kill (which was really good with only an hours or so attempts).

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I don't see a problem with this and we like ranged, you will be competing with Gatsby now for gear so expect him to send you threatening whispers throughout the raid.

Plan for this week will be to clear up what we have done before (hopefully!) with a view to allotting a decent amount of time for progress the week after if we don't get significant time to try anything new this week. With only 3 bosses left and maybe a few months before something new comes out there doesn't seem to be any reason to really push ourselves.

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