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5th Generation Muk Raiding Topic - Muklords of Draenor

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Sorry for not turning up, all power went in the house...still no internet so having to use a sodding dongle. Will be on for a few hours tonight since I can't do much else but won't have comms or anything. 

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I've got a new boiler being installed the next two days...I'm hoping they won't be turning power off and I can stay upstairs doing nerd stuff and ignore them.


Add-ons updated, everything ready. Now to try and get a bit of play tonight or wait until early tomorrow

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What’s the plan for Muk raiding in Legion? I was just curious, as me and the missus are potentially looking for a new home. We’ve been doing the mythic rat race for years, but with Legions launch, it’s become apparent just how much our real lives just don’t give that much leeway for us to be remotely competitive for our places in a 20-man team. We’re already light years behind everyone else in our guild, and it’s lead to a situation where logging on just seems like a daunting prospect. She’s doing vet training, and I’m working in the NHS, so when we log on and fancy a night of fishing up food for raid feasts*, I don’t want the whispers of “How’s your ilvl coming along”


Quite frankly, fuck that, there’s no place for that with the little time we do have.


So, was wondering if you guys are raiding, is there a couple of spots available for a couple of Muk OGs?


-          Aziri and Ceol


*Well, the raid feasts are an added bonus, I just like fishing while listening to the radio.

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9 minutes ago, Pixelbark said:



I'm in very much the same situation, I work primarily from home now but it's not set hours so I can't commit to a raid night pattern like my old mythic guild used to have. That's why I went alliance this expansion, just for a change new break etc going to focus primarily on normal/heroic raiding and found a nice guild that will do that. I may raid mythics a tier behind when it goes x-realm and I can make/join groups at my leisure. 

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No idea what'll happen with raids - it's still early days so need to see who comes back (and who stays)


We 100% certainly won't be doing Mythic - so normal then hards (maybe).

Will be Flexi-raids so any number can go...


I expect they'll be more focused discussion nearer raid launch time!

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