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5th Generation Muk Raiding Topic - Muklords of Draenor


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Muk first set foot in a raiding instance together on the 16th July 2007 over seven years ago BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.


Tier 17

Highmaul - Opens the week of Dec 2nd


Blackrock Foundry - Opens some weeks after Highmaul



I imagine that we will probably be raiding 2 nights a week with the odd 3 nighter here and there. Raid nights will still be Thurs, Sun and Mon starting at 20:30 UK time (21:30 server time).

Raid Team

We don't have to worry if we have more than 10 online now as no one will have to miss out which is nice. I believe we have more than enough healing cover but I do worry about tank cover at the moment :

Moo - Has tiny moo may need to be cried at for long periods.

Jera - Work schedule.

Varsity - Work schedule.

Both Gatsby and Jamie have tanked for us in the past but they don't really want to do these roles so ideally I think we need at least one person to step up to the tanking plate as a expansion long commitment.

DPS wise please don't all be melee otherwise I will have to hunt you down.

Raid goals

With the hardest content no longer an option for us we will be limited to looking to clear the content on heroic (old normal) before the next tier is with us. Whilst this doesn't sound overly challenging it is something we only just managed on T14 due to a lateish start.

Suggested raiding start

December is always a tricky month with people pretending they have friends and families to visit, raids will be posted for this month but be prepared for attendance to be a bit flaky. Once we are in January it will settle down as people recover from eating and spending too much at Xmas by spending hours in front of their PC with me shouting at them.

As such I suggest that we use December as a month to try different classes and specs in a raid environment before settling in on what you want to play for progression proper.

Leaving no belf behind

Assuming the guild stays as busy as it currently is and that people actually want to raid ideally I would like to do something where we all play together on a regular basis, how this will work out practically I don't know but the new raid size system should allow us to be more inclusive than usual.


The guild will continue to pay out for repairs, early on consumables can be costly so you might have to bring your own (or be shouted at by Moos addon) but long term we will look to supply flasks and potions from the guilds monetary resources.

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Good to know, there may be others about that can tank as well. I know Mot is gearing up but not sure if he will be around long term and we had Jamies friend tanking in MC last night but it is an area where we possibly don't have enough cover and I wanted to raise it as a concern now.

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One thing that might make it easier for role changes is that most loot (bar necks, rings, cloak) will switch so pretty much any class with a tank spec could switch on the fly (without need for whole new gear set)

Easy for me to say as a Mage though ( although if desperate I will likely have a tank class or two at 100 as I set up the Garrisons/work camps)

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I have a DPS set sorted from the off this time round as well. Just means if I'm working say the Thursday and a particular boss is close to a kill, to save messing around explaining tactics etc for me I can jump in as dps and keep the majority of the mechanics the same on the Sunday/Monday.

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Thursday is almost here, how exciting. We will be looking at normal mode, with regards to item level if you can get into the current heroic 5 mans (ilvl 610) that will be OK but the nearer you are to 630 the better. This will be a first night of "OMG everything hurts" so don't expect to kill anything, don't worry too much about consumables but anything you do have please bring along.

Feel free to read up on the encounters but usually for the first couple of pulls we allow people to go in blind so the horrible mechanic that wipes the raid instantly is a nice surprise (e.g. Elegon) so try not to spoil it for people if you have looked at some guides, after wiping a couple of times Moo usually shouts at us until we get it right.

If you are a healer or a tank, make sure you have a secondary spec in case that role is over subscribed and you have to DPS at some point in the evening.

Loot wise I suggest we stick it on personal loot for the moment.

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I've got the 200 (not the 250) flask recipes for Agility, Strength and Int Flasks - if you've got Starflower, Fireweed or Nagrand Arrowbloom and want a flask seen to Tylok with a little note. (Edit not sure if flask master is still a thing in WoD...if there is someone else maybe better)

I can also make the 250 Int stuff but running low on Sorc Fire...if other Alchs are reading, suggest you pick another greater for now so we spread out the 250s as they take 5 days to get the secrets

I'll try and sort out some food as well - Czozozozop has kindly contributed some as well

Edit - Can also make these (the fish one is only for up to 10. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=173978/feast-of-blood

Any of the following would help

Raw Elekk Meat (10)

Raw Boar Meat (10)

Raw Talbuk Meat (10)

Raw Riverbeast Meat (10)

Rylak Egg (10)

Raw Clefthoof Meat (10))

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I think we did pretty well this week, 5/7 down. Glad we didn't completely stomp it.

Next week same again, although we may quickly look at doing the first boss on heroic as well. To reiterate for those that didn't go this week you will need to be at least 610 ilvl to join us, the same as needed to enter heroic 5 mans, but the higher the better!

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Also - chant and gem your gear! The cheap stuff is fine for now, and it makes a significant impact.

Had fun this week. It feels a bit more manic having 40-50% more people in the raid and on the call, but overall I think it worked well. I'm really chuffed that we can have people joining late/dropping out as needed and it not having an overall impact on things. I'm also glad that most appear happy to switch between tank/dps/healing when requested to give everyone a chance to do each and to adapt to each encounter.

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Next week same again, although we may quickly look at doing the first boss on heroic as well.

Kargath should be easily doable just bigger numbers. Butcher shouldn't be too bad either but may need to make actual groups for the Cleave as I don't think we'd be able to afford having the melee just stand out and still kill him before the enrage.

WTB moar ranged ;)

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LFR sounds like it is super simple and is basically 3 patchwork fights in a row where you can just ignore all mechanics and nuke the boss to collect loot. I guess this is in line with the progression path of normal 5 mans > LFR (you don't even need to do proving grounds to enter it).

If it is like this then it is probably a change for the good, towards the end of the last expansion I stopped running LFR on any of my characters, spending 2 hours trying to kill something with groups containing a not insignificant amount of sociopaths whilst you waited for the wipe debuff to stack high enough was less than fun!

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Edit: To slightly expand on that, you can do any of the modes without impacting on getting drops from another mode. They have however removed tier gear and nice trinkets from LFR because people running the harder stuff felt compelled to run it to complete tier sets and whatnot.

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